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Sacred mountain ranges, sacred rivers, and an overwhelming number of dazzling temples – the energy of India touches and gives you access to your own inner power and all this is only possible with the Indian tour operator. On your journey, immerse yourself in a land full of spirituality and feel the sheer infinite warmth of the people between the Himalayas and the Taj Mahal.

We are the best travel agency in Usa because we take you all the way from the capital Delhi to the royal cities of Rajasthan to palm-fringed dream beaches. There is an incredible variety that you can discover on a trip to India. Colorful markets, majestic fortresses, and attractive tropical landscapes make the country so unique and varied. With the Best Indian Tour Operators in the USA in the USA  you get to travel through the norththe north and trek through the lunar
landscapes of Ladakh or go on a tiger safari tiger safari in the jungle and observe the local diversity of flora and fauna. 

Have you always wanted to admire the Taj Mahal or experience the relaxed life in Kerala’s water world? Would you like to stroll through colorful markets and picturesque villages or on a tour of Rajasthan to experience unforgettable cultural adventures? All this and many more highlights await you on your journey with the International Travel Agency in India.

Indian tour operator

Great India Tour Company believes that the most special trips are planned with the help of someone who lives locally. Someone who loves sharing little-known places you may never have discovered, and top travel tips you didn’t know you needed.


As a Travel Company in India, we carefully select experts from all over India who are passionate about using their local knowledge to tailor extraordinary, authentic trips. Unlike many travel companies, we put you in direct contact with these local partners, so as well as getting a better trip, more of your money goes to local economies and communities too.

Benefits you get with JCR cabs ( An Indian tour operator )

Tailored travel


Since we are the best travel agency in Usa and India, you India, you can tailor and plan trips directly with hand-picked in-destination experts all over the world. This direct connection gives you access to more authentic travel experiences, as well as the opportunity to give back to local communities.

Value for money

Our company isn’t like the average travel company in India. You will have access to extraordinary experiences while avoiding additional booking fees by booking directly with in-destination experts.

Yes, since there’s nothing like having access to local knowledge when arranging an unforgettable trip. That’s why every trip has been created by local partners who live and work in the destination.

Our mission is to connect people to reimagine travel. Now, as we face a global climate emergency, never has reimagining travel been more important. In a changing world, our industry needs to change as well and we’re working hard to ensure that exploring the world remains a wonderfully positive experience.

Yes, with us you can travel completely as per your desire and timings.

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