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Cab Service in Jaisalmer

We are not only a renowned business but people also know us by our exceptional event management services as well. With us, you can book and rent cars or even better book an event whether it is a private or a corporate function. Events like Wedding, Marriage, Anniversary Celebration, School Athletic meet, Dinner-Dance Gala, Retirement Party, Women’s Kitty Party, Private Party, Music Party etc., Corporate Events such as Trade Shows, Team Building events, Product Launch events, Appreciation events, etc. are done under precision and excellence by our professional event management team. With our event planning services, enjoy the tranquility, security, and efficiency of the events mentioned above. Of course with every event, our catering services are also included. Get a variety of food and drink options in our Catering Menu moreover, you can also personalize a menu for any special event.

Private Events


Private events such as bir\rthday celebrations, Rajasthani theme weddings, and marriages, reception, etc. are a very special occasion of a person’s life. All these events are done with precise planning and alluring execution. We are known to make the beautiful ambiance of an event with lightning, decorations, gratifying music, exotic foods. Personalize your menu for any special event. We are the best wedding and marriage planner in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and it’s our promise to make your event an unforgettable reminiscence.

Anniversary Events


Celebrating the anniversary of an important milestone of a couple’s life provides a celebration opportunity to their family, friends, and relatives. Anniversaries occur at milestone intervals like 10, 25 or 50 years, but any milestone can be celebrated. We’ll make sure to make your anniversary memorable by adding exceptional detailing in the event such as alluring lightning, flowers, pleasant music, photography, and more details to the reception. From a great couple to a great event, we’ll make sure all the arrangements to be flawless.

Corporate Events


Corporate events are different than the private one. It requires extra efforts to imprint your presence. Our team is expert in creative planning and its beautiful execution which will provide you the perfect setting for building your brand and the relationship most important to you. Our corporate events include clients and sponsors’ dinner, small events such as conferences, meetings, holiday/retirement parties, etc. and larger events such as trade shows, conventions, team building events, product launch events, etc. Let the best plan such corporate events for you, we know how much important they are to you.


Other Events


Other events such as women’s kitty parties, Annual meetings of schools, College events and parties, Dinner-dance gala, Music parties, Seminars and more. These are small but carries a huge importance to one’s life. Our event organizers have expertise in every aspect of these functions. From the personalized menu, catering and banqueting to a great event, we’ll execute it with absolute perfection.

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