Amongst the beauty of Rajasthan, the Thar desert stands as a crown jewel beautifying the essence of this city. Osian Desert Safari stands out as an adventurous zeal when you are in Rajasthan and helps you explore the charm of the desert environment. Desert Safari allows you to blend in the charming history of the desert while making it thrilling to the core. Osian is located approximately 65 km away from Jodhpur and is renowned for the ancient temples that have been situated there since the 8th century; hence Osian is popularly renowned as the “Khajuraho of Rajasthan”.

Through Osian, the Thar Desert can be best explored through safaris, be it the camel safari or jeep safari. Visitors can experience these great sand dunes through camel safaris, as they help understand the desert through the traditional way. Camels are known as the ‘Ships of the desert” as they take you through beautiful sunsets and pass through the rural life letting you immerse into the beauty of culture and heritage. The slow camel rides let you sink into the ambience of the desert at a relaxing pace, letting you breathe in the essence this vastness creates. On the other hand, Jeep Safaris are thrilling and challenge your adrenaline. The Jeep Safaris can cover more distance in a shorter time, giving you the independence of a fast adventure.

While in Thar Desert, these safaris not only take you through the desert adventure but also help you venture through the cultural encounter. There are other sports such as dune bashing and quad biking that are thrilling in nature. You can experience the star-lit sky at night, the traditional folk music and dance, and savour the authentic taste of Rajasthani cuisine on these safaris. With these exceptional factors, Osian becomes the perfect way for an amazing getaway!


Osian Desert Safari offers a wonderful contrast of rugged aesthetics in charming comfort. The night ambience in the Thar desert is stunning with the views that dominate at the vastness of the dunes. The sunset is beautiful from the horizons of the sand dunes as this turns into a heavenly abode in the darkness. Osian Desert Safari offers luxurious tents which have luxurious amenities such as premium beds, attached bedrooms and comfortable air flow for a cosy night stay.

The evening starts with traditional performances such as Rajasthani music and dance. There are bonfires that are lit to create a vibe around the culture. The atmosphere is surfaced with mesmerising local cuisine, letting you indulge in the rich taste of Rajasthan. The stargazing during the night creates a perfect ambience along with the cool breeze that flows throughout. Night stay in the Osian Desert Safari sews the perfect magical night, creating a photographic memory for the visitors to last for a lifetime.

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Desert Safari

The marvellous Thar desert can be explored via a Jeep Safari in the Osian Desert, as these vehicles can travel through the rough terrains of the rugged sand and can cover more area in a shorter span of time. These Jeep safaris take visitors through the rural villages as they help indulge in the traditional background of Rajasthan. These safaris include tours through the various temples that are present in the place and explore aesthetic viewpoints and breathtaking panoramas giving a wink of the to the heritage of Rajasthan. With these strong vehicles, there are professional drivers taking the visitors through the wilderness of Rajasthan. Various creatures such as foxes, gazelles, and different types of birds are easily visible to the visitors. The natural canvas of the desert sky transforms into a vibrant portrait as the safari moves ahead with the tour. The beauty of nature is heart melting as it transcends into the soul of everyone witnessing the view.



Dune Bashing is a sport in desert that is not for the light-hearted. This thrilling experience will pinch your adrenaline rush as it is performed by experts in rolling sand dunes. The Toyota Fortuner takes the participants through the rolling sands in high-speed creating that exciting effect. Sharp turns, sharp drops and fast climbs are the features of this sport. The exhilarating experience of dune bashing not only gives you the rush of excitement but also serves with the stunning views of the expansion of desert. Even though this sounds like a dangerous sport, it is operated by experienced drivers who ensure the robust features of the Fortuner playing a safe operation while carrying the tourists. While dune bashing, the drivers stop at an altitude for visitors to soak in the breath-taking views and take memorable photographs as well. For the adventurous and brave hearted, this is an unmissable adventure.

Camel Safari

Camels are known as the “Ships of the Desert” and are a vital part of the desert. Camel safari is a popular experience amidst the vastness of the dunes. Camel rides come down the lane of history as an important mode of transport that was used so vividly and in multiple ways. When in Rajasthan, camel safaris become part of the whole experience of touring the place. These camel rides take the visitors through the great dunes of the Thar as they are guided by camel guides. The camel handlers, typically known as the cameleers, take the visitors into the depths of the desert in a slow pace while creating a relaxing ambience for them. The landscapes of the vastness along with the beautiful trails look magnificent on their own.

These camel safaris start from a particular point and tour around the desert. They make stops in spots of highlight and move through the rural towns which represent the culture and history associated with the desert. The camel safaris end at dusk with the most enchanting sunset amongst the cold sand. Then, the visitors get to enjoy the desert camp with authentic Rajasthani food, cultural performances, and stargazing at night.

If you are someone who wants a deeper connection with the desert, camel safari is for you. The meditativeness of these rides embarks the enchantment of the desert life and teaches to slow down with the natural beauty for a while.

Trailing through the desert is a great deal of experience. A breakthrough from daily life and moving in between time and place gives the experience of the other side of life. Through Osian Safari, visitors experience the beauty of desert life while exploring the hidden gems in the desert. The camel and jeep safaris add to the experience of connecting with the desert in a much more traditional way, while camping in the desert gives the minute experience of the desert lifestyle. Although, if you are wondering how to reach till Osian, JCR cabs are always there at your doorstep to help you reach your destination. So wait no more, come Osian!


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We had hired the cab for 2 days and the service was very good and specially their driver Yogendra singh was very polite and quite helpful. 1/7/23
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Rashmikant Shah
We had a great time wth them . Mr. Hemaram was our driver , very cooperative and has a grt trip.
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Mr. Yogendra singh ji is very decent and Peacefully drive. I have good experience with him. Lot's Thanks
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I live in Rajasthan but my daughter lives in Mumbai, she came to visit Rajasthan on vacation, first I inquired in two-three companies, then on Google I talked to JCR Cab & Taxi Service manager Ram and our Jodhpur Jaisalmer Made tour package but we got even better service as Ram ji promised us our driver Hemaram ji was very good and Jodhpur Jaisalmer never made us feel that we have hired any taxi vehicle Very happy with JCR cabs for whole tour with family members and we again enjoyed the trip if you are going to visit jodhpur jaisalmer , you must book package from JCR cabs Thanks
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लूणाराम सारण
Experience with JCR cab service was very good... From booking time till end of journey... Everything was good and positive... On booking time... Got polite and complete reply... Within 10 minutes... Got full program with car types and rates of them.... Very much clear cut reply and no any confusions.... Now about experience with driver... This experience was also very good.... Driver's name is Yogendra Singh..... From the beginning of our journey till end.... He was very polite, free in communication, very much friendly and transperent in behaviour.... Just like we know him from long time.... That was also good experience.... Now a days we are using cab service more than any other mode of transportation.... After meeting with Yogendra Singh..... Felt very good.... After long time.... Met good type of driver.... Best of luck for his future.... Actually little bit blunder happened in our location selection in mount abu..... Our hotel was on Abu Road.... And 25-28 kilometres away from mount abu..... Our tour was of 2 days..... From reaching time at location on one day..... And on 2 days of our site scene..... His work was doubled..... 1st he has to go there in morning and come back in evening...... He has performed his duties in good way without showing any expressions..... With good and polite mood....... He has informed about good food places which are quite good in taste and rate wise compare to the hotel in which our stay was there...... In end I would like to tell that experience with JCR cabs with very good..... Sometimes you may feel that rates are higher compare to other service providers..... But in JCR cab rates..... You have to pay only one and last time..... Because in their charge, every thing is included.... No any other payment... In short, good experience with JCR Cabs.... You should try at least once... .. Don't go on negative reviews..... Have your own experience.. . All the best.....
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Hemaram Dewasi best driver
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Travel experience is very good. Would recommend JCR cab strongly
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22 August 2023
Good experience It was a good experience with JCR Cab during our trip to Rajasthan. The cab driver Mr. Vikesh was very supportive and accommodative during the entire trip. I will surely recommend others to give a try if they are planning for Rajasthan trip.
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Debasis D
21 August 2023
Reliable & Safe Car Rental Service for Rajasthan Tour Safe, supportive and professional service. Good experience with JCR Cab service for our Rajasthan trip. We visited Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Kumbhalgarh, Udaipur & Chittorgarh for eight days with their Toyota Glanza. Car condition was good. And our driver Sonuji is very humble young guy, helpful, supportive and also a skilled & safe driver. I strongly recommend JCR Cab service and driver Sonuji for trip in Rajasthan .
17 August 2023
Excellent cab service and superb driver, Mr. Vikasji Very good and relaible cab service. Thanks to Mr. Ramji. Their driver, Mr Vikasji was a very caring, hardworking and safe driver. His driving was excellent and we felt safe all through the journey.. He made sure we were comfortable throughout our journey with breaks whenever we desired. We will always have fond memories of this trip. I hope we can have Mr. Vikas,s services again in future. Thanks very much Mr. Vikasji.
16 August 2023
Great service from JCR tours and travels Mr. Hemaram ji really helped us to explore places,food and guided us really well😊. The restaurants he suggested were really good, we enjoyed the food there.
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Devendra J
14 August 2023
Jodhpur trip with JCR Excellent trip with JCR Cab…. Enjoyed… Driver came on time… decent in talking and car was cleaned and comfortable
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Shradha A
9 August 2023
Best Car service in Rajasthan We had booked a car for Jaipur for 2 days.From just making a call to getting the best rate to being on time to the best service ..everything was prompt , well serviced and all went off smoothly.Even after being back , they did not get behind for the payment . Even after a delay from our end , they were very polite and waited for it patiently . Strongly recommend this car service in full Rajasthan anytime.
Mukund K
Mukund K
5 August 2023
Rajasthan trip We had a great experience with our Jodhpur and Jaisalmer trip! We had booked it through JCR cabs. They had arranged the stay and sight seeing itinerary. Our driver Hemaram ensured that we had a smooth trip and he was very accomodative! Overall it was a memorable trip!
Neema S
Neema S
24 July 2023
Rajasthan trip 2023 We had a wonderful Rajasthan trip with driver Sureender Singh.He was very professional and punctual . The car was very comfortable and exceptionally crewed. The allotted guides were very informative and helpful. Overall we have good memories from the Rajasthan trip we made . Thanks for making it memorable!
Samik B
Samik B
24 July 2023
Hidden gem near Jodhpur with a delightful experience Nice trip to the Osian desert. The car was really comfortable and well maintained. The Gateway Osian Resort was very nice, with tasty Rajasthani food. The jeep and camel safari in the dunes of the Osian was quite a memorable experience. Thanks to Ram ji and Vikash ji for a memorable outing.
vratesh r
vratesh r
16 July 2023
Great and Hassle free experience It was a great experience with them and hassle free. The drivers were polite and assisted throughout the journey.

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