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Want to travel across the undiscovered places of India with your family members, friends, or teammates, but worried about the transportation? Then JCR’s luxury bus in Jodhpur will be your ideal companion to make your journey remarkable and memorable. As a leading bus service provider, we offer comfortable rides with all the travel necessities. We are committed  to providing segment-leading luxury travelers in Jodhpur, at an affordable price.

What is a Luxury Bus Service?


Bus booking is considered as a good choice when it comes to group travel; be it a business trip or family tour. At JCR, we provide quick luxury bus booking services that saves your time and resources. Bus service is basically the replacement of your regular cab service with a larger vehicle so that you can travel with a large number of people. It is where a reliable and authentic bus service provider plays an important role. On that front, JCR offers various types of taxi service in jodhpur and bus booking in Jodhpur, like AC, non-AC, sleeper class, and multi-axle buses to cater to your needs.

25 to 55 Seater Luxury Bus Booking in Jodhpur

You can customize your bus service as per your tour requirements, and we are pleased to do it.
We have the following luxury buses in Jodhpur (in terms of seating capacity):

25 Seater

29 Seater

35 Seater

40 Seater

45 Seater

50 Seater

52 Seater

55 Seater

How to Book Luxury Traveler in Jodhpur?

Booking a bus service of your choice is now just a click away. You can submit your query to, or call us on +919414137405, +919799735500 to book your service. We will be glad to assist you in your happy journey.

Benefits of Booking a Luxury Bus

Hiring a bus is a sound choice if you are planning a group trip. These luxury buses are equipped with all the necessary travel amenities like water bottles, reclining seats, seat-mounted LCD screens, and headphones for zero disturbance. All of our vehicles are sanitized and disinfected to make sure that you will stay protected from novel coronavirus. We also have All India Permit for all our vehicles so that you won’t suffer any legal formalities during the journey.

Highly Convenient

Pushback Seats

Steward Services

Lots of Legroom

Overhead Luggage Area

Power Outlets Near Seats

Fully Air-Conditioned

Blankets & Pillows

Explore Destinations With Luxury Bus Rental In Jodhpur

Renowned for its culturally rich abode and ethnic illustrations, Jodhpur is one of India’s must-visit tourist destinations. The “Blue City” is an amalgamation of aesthetic blue houses portraying its historical and cultural significance which adds to its visual charm for tourists. But Jodhpur is not just limited to its name. It rightly stands up to its mighty from the stunning architecture of Jaisalmer to the vibrant markets of Jaipur, through the “City of Lakes”, Udaipur, into the cool breeze of Mount Abu. Jodhpur is a package, ranging from wide diversities that not only gives a wide range of ocular pleasure but also crafts a sense of photographic experience. Well, there’s a large space to cover and the experience of such an aesthetic gets magnified by the enchanting escapades with the luxury bus in Jodhpur. Tourists can explore the places in the cocoon of their comfort with the help of luxury bus service in Jodhpur which not only eases the journey but keeps a sense of confidence throughout the trip. Tourists can easily pick up luxury bus rental in Jodhpur and hop into places without the worry of missing out on anything. So what are you waiting for, say hello Jodhpur!


Advantages of Luxury Bus In Jodhpur

Travellers’ worst nightmare is to aim for the best memories yet failing to experience so because of wrong choice of mode. While Jodhpur is one of the trendiest places to visit, there’s a wide dimension of area that needs to be covered to experience the true essence of its beauty. But there’s nothing to worry, if you are someone who wants to travel hassle free with the benefit of comfort, the luxury bus service in Jodhpur is an excellent choice to ponder upon. The benefits it provide are un-matchable, from comfortable seating to air-conditioned environment, luxury bus in Jodhpur surpasses expectations. Let’s not forget the punctuality and safety it provides, making you never miss out on your plans. Luxury bus rental in Jodhpur are known for their ability to provide stress free travel plans with promises of professional service adhering to safety measures and well-maintenance. Luxury bus service also take tourists through the most scenic views which are popular for their charm. And if you are travelling with your family, the bonus is just on, as the amenities of these services ease you from the stress of exhaustion. So next time you are in Jodhpur, you know what to do!

Why Choose JCR With Car Hiring

Serviced Vehicles

Serviced Vehicles

Our vehicles are always clean and maintained to ensure optimum performance. We add new vehicles to our fleet every year.

Unlimited Kilometers

Unlimited Kilometers

Drive as many kilometers as you wish as there are no boundaries for the travel distance.

No Hidden Cost

No Hidden Cost

Zero hidden charges from your rent include all the charges like insurance and maintenance costs.

Insured Cars

Insured Cars

You don’t need to worry about any mishap or road damage. Our vehicles are insured, and we take only a minimum damage charge from you in case of an accident.

Instant Booking

Instant Booking

Are you in a hurry and looking for a vehicle? We offer quick bookings with less documentation to assure excellent customer satisfaction.

Excellent Service

Excellent Service

From deciding a car to finalizing the return, we assist you through your journey.


JCR CAB agency is a Registered Agency for Cab services and Rental Services, which shows the trust of the Government our JCR CAB AGENCY. So your journey is safe and comfortable with JCR CAB AGENCY


When to Opt for Luxury Bus Booking Service?

Anyone who wants to travel with their family, friends, or colleagues with a group strength of more than ten people should hire a bus for a safe and convenient trip. It is the most best suitable for:

1. Destination weddings

Are you dreaming of a memorable wedding celebration? Then nothing can beat the destination wedding in this aspect and to make it more convenient, we offer luxury bus service in Jodhpur.

2. Pilgrimage Site Tours

Experiencing spiritual ecstasy is now effortless. JCR provides luxury bus service in Jodhpur to bring the best of mystic perspective in your journey.

3. Long Tours with Family and Friends

No need to bother anymore with the separate taxis when you can travel along with your friends and family members. Hire a luxury traveler in Jodhpur to enjoy with your beloved ones.

4. Business or Corporate Trips

Your employees and colleagues won’t complain about the transportation as JCR is there to provide top-notch luxury bus service in Jodhpur to make your business tours exciting and joyful.

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Yes, you have to pay the 20% amount of your package in advance and the rest after completing your trip.
No, there is no such requirement to pay additional night charges. You need to pay for your service only.
If you cancel your service after booking, then 10% of the total cost will be deducted from the advance payment you made while booking the service.
In your package, you will get tissue paper, soft drink, water bottles, chocolates from our side and will be welcomed with flowers at your arrival.
Yes, you can make changes to the service as per your requirements even after booking your service. We are versatile and flexible to give you the freedom of customization.
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