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Do you want to travel through the undiscovered places of India with members of your family, friends, or teammates, but are concerned about transportation? Then the JCR luxury bus in Jaipur will be your perfect companion for making your trip remarkable and memorable. 

As a premier bus service provider, we offer comfortable journeys and fulfill all travel needs. We are dedicated to providing industry-leading luxury traveller in Jaipur, at an affordable cost.

What is Luxury Bus Service?

A bus reservation is an excellent choice for group travel, whether it’s a business trip or a family holiday. At JCR, we offer high-end bus booking services that save you time and resources. 

Bus service basically involves replacing your regular cab service with a larger vehicle so you can travel with many people. This is where a trusted and authentic bus service provider plays a major role. On this front, JCR offers various kinds of bus booking in Jaisalmer, such as AC, non-AC, sleeper class, and multi-axle buses to meet your needs.

25 to 55 Seater Luxury Bus Booking in Jaipur

You can customise your bus service according to your needs, and we are happy to do so.
We have the following luxury buses in Jaipur (in terms of seating capacity):

25 Seater

29 Seater

35 Seater

40 Seater

45 Seater

50 Seater

52 Seater

55 Seater

How to Book Luxury Traveler in Jaipur ?

Booking your bus service is just a click away. Please email your inquiry to, or call us at +919414137405, +919799735500 to make your reservation. We are eager to help you in your happy journey.

Why Book a Luxury Bus in Jaipur ?

Renting a bus is a good way to plan a group tour. These luxury buses are equipped with all the necessary travel essentials, such as water bottles, reclining seats, LCD screens and headphones avoiding every travel inconvenience. Given the time demand, especially in this pandemic situation, we have been improvising our services accordingly. All our vehicles are sanitized and disinfected to keep you safe from the novel coronavirus. We also have All India Permit for all our vehicles so that you will not suffer from legal documentation during your travels.

Highly Convenient

Memorable Experience

Pushback Seats

Steward Services

Lots of Legroom

Overhead Luggage Area

Power Outlets Near Seats

Fully Air-Conditioned

Blankets & Pillows

When to Opt for Luxury Bus Booking Service?

Anyone wishing to travel with their family, friends or colleagues, with a group of more than 10 people, must rent a bus for a safe and convenient trip. It is advisable to:

1. Destination weddings

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable wedding? Then nothing can beat the destination wedding in this aspect and to make it more convenient, we offer luxury bus service in Jaipur.

2. Pilgrimage Site Tours

Experiencing spiritual ecstasy is now without effort. JCR offers a luxury bus service in Jaipur to bring the best from the mystical perspective into your trip.

3. Long Tours with Family and Friends

No need to trouble yourself with separate taxis when you can travel with your friends and family members. Rent a luxury traveler in Jaipur to enjoy with your next of kin.

4. Business or Corporate Trips

Your employees and colleagues will not complain about transportation as JCRs are there to provide first-class luxury bus service in Jaipur to make your business trips exciting and enjoyable.

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Yes, you have to pay the 20% amount of your package in advance and the rest after completing your trip.
No, there is no such requirement to pay additional night charges. You need to pay for your service only.
If you cancel your service after booking, then 10% of the total cost will be deducted from the advance payment you made while booking the service.
In your package, you will get tissue paper, soft drink, water bottles, chocolates from our side and will be welcomed with flowers at your arrival.
Yes, you can make changes to the service as per your requirements even after booking your service. We are versatile and flexible to give you the freedom of customization.
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