Jaipur is well-known for its historical background and rich heritage for which thousands of people come from all around the world. Jaipur offers a wide tapestry of experiences that skilfully combine ancient grandeur with modern charm, going beyond its pink hues. Jaipur takes visitors on a historical tour, exhibiting the regal magnificence of its palaces and the minute features of its historic buildings including the renowned Hawa Mahal and the magnificent Ajmer Fort. Jaipur is listed on the top list of the most amazing tourist destinations, yet there are a few interesting facts which are capable of sheer surprise. Here are a few amazing facts about Jaipur which can truly amaze anyone!

Jaipur, the Pink City: Even though Jaipur is called the Pink City, this place is not entirely pink. Specifically the modern buildings are built with modern infrastructure and different colours are used as well. The maximum coverage of Jaipur indeed screams the pink hue making justice to the name that was given to it. Most of the houses that were built quite long ago are still in the same state of colours. But if one might consider that the whole city is a paramount of pink land, it comes to a disappointment as the newer areas are considerably newly constructed and are blissfully modernised.

The ancient buildings of Jaipur: While there is belief that Jaipur is a destination that harbours the infrastructures from ancient time, it’s not completely true. Of course, most of the forts and monuments were built during the historical era, but there are tourist spots that gather a lot of attention which are built in recent times. There are many contemporary buildings which fuse the infrastructure of the ancient and the modern times and serve as a great view for the people who visit to have a glance on the aesthetics of the city.

The Forts of Jaipur: There is a resounding belief that Jaipur is just filled up with forts and palaces to visit. It is often thought that Jaipur is way too old fashioned and contains only traditional viewpoints. However, Jaipur is not just that, it is a beautiful blend of culture and urban decorum that can give one the experience of both traditional and modern aesthetics. The city offers much more, such as the bustling shopping arena, vibrant markets, various festivals and the night life of Jaipur is just as amusing. This city is filled up with various clubs and pubs, rooftop restro and fascinating visions. Alongside its forts and palaces, Jaipur offers both the traditional and the contemporary lifestyle in its beauty.

Elephant ride in Jaipur: Elephant rides are widely available in Jaipur. From Amer Fort to different palaces, elephant rides are available for tourist attractions that cater to the whole experience of having the royal arcade. However, this is not used as a means of transportation as per. An increasing amount of awareness is raised for the ethical treatment of elephants as it is discouraged to be used for commercial purposes. In many places, it has been banned as well due to the wellbeing of the animals and their prosperity.

Hawa Mahal: Many believe that Hawa Mahal has no interior while it is completely untrue. There are numerous chambers and passages with an interesting interior that open up to a wide area that extends with an amusing centre. There is a complex structure that surrounds the palace. Interestingly, Hawa Mahal has 953 windows originally designed for royal women who couldn’t go out to view the outside often. Hawa Mahal, the Palace of Wind, genuinely is a fascinating architecture that is a very detailed design to add on to the fascination of tourist bucket lists.

The Jantar Mantar: Jantar Mantar is not just a tourist attraction as well it is misunderstood. Of course it serves as one of the major spots for vacationers to visit the aesthetics of its architecture. But Jantar Mantar is one of the largest stone astronomical observatories of the world that was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Jantar Mantar holds scientific instruments which are meant for accurate astronomical measurements and observations. This place is on =e of the top scientific observatories of the country. Hence, along with being the top most tourist spot, it also serves as a functional astronomical centre in India.   

The Bazaars of Jaipur: Jaipur is well known for its wide dimension of shopping arena. It is almost a paradise for people who are in love with traditional items, jewelleries, artefacts, gemstones and gemstones. One of the most famous markets in Jaipur is the Johari Bazaar that is famous for its textiles and precious stones. Because of its wide collection, this place attracts tourists from all around the world; however, not all gemstones are real here. Visitors need to be cautious while buying gemstones to confirm its authenticity and should only purchase from reputable shops.

While there are many facts about Jaipur, this lists a few of the most fascinating ones. Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities of the country and inside it, resides some interesting myths and myth busters which adds on to the beauty of its historical importance. When tourists visit the place, they don’t just leave with experiences but a whole lot of unforgettable memories. Behind the colourful traditions and cultural heritage lies a ton of background stories which contribute to the aesthetic of their existence, and not just that, it makes the whole involvement of visiting a learning process. Even though there is a lot to cover while in Jaipur, the history of this city can be explored with the help of JCR cab service that is available at your doorstep in your comfortable time. For your itinerary to be stress free and relaxing, cab service in Jaipur makes it so easy. If you are visiting with your family or with a large group of friends, the tempo service in Jaipur comes to your rescue to have a group travelling experience with no worry about missing out on your travel plans. So what are you waiting for? See you soon!


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