Ultimate Group Travel Guide: Exploring Jodhpur’s Hidden Gems with a Tempo Traveler

Ultimate Group Travel Guide: Exploring Jodhpur’s Hidden Gems with a Tempo Traveler

Jodhpur's Hidden Gems with a Tempo Traveler
June 13, 2024
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The beautiful Jodhpur is known as the “Blue City” for its blue aesthetics and stunning architecture. The city is vibrant with its colours and filled with majestic forts that make Jodhpur one of the most popular cities to be visited every word, while it is full of hidden gems that are worth experiencing. If you are travelling with your family, a group, or solo, tempo traveller becomes an excellent choice for a cozy, comfortable, and hassle-free tour for family adventures. Let us look at a few Jodhpur hidden gems tempo traveller tours that can be explored with a few group travel tips:

  1. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park: Created in 2006, this park was created with the motive of preserving the ecological front. It is located near the Mehrangarh Fort and is considered an ecological haven restored out of the rocky wasteland. This place is a great spot for hiking and for people who are nature lovers. The nature walks help in getting educated about the nature trails while exploring the geology and diverse flora and fauna of the region. A group walk or relaxation can do wonders in rejuvenating the soul and mind and offer tranquillity from otherwise busy schedules.
  2. Mandore Gardens: The historic site, Mandore Gardens, is located just 9kms away from Jodhpur. The place is a beautiful landscape that includes a garden full of cenotaphs and has temples inside it. This place is a visual aesthetic with historical references that showcase the heritage of Jodhpur. This place surprisingly is less crowded and is perfect for a group adventure, a family picnic, or a group travel experience. The leisurely strolls in the garden are promising and give the ultimate relaxation one seeks. In Mandore Gardens, there is the Hall of Heroes which is a great tourist attraction. Not to forget, there is the temple of 33 crore Gods which is quite interesting.
  3. Toorji Ka Jhalra (Stepwell): This 18th-century Stepwell was built as a representation of Jodhpur’s architectural brilliance as one of the historical landmarks. This spot has stunning architecture in an offbeat destination and is built in a way that can escape the midday scorching heat and keep cool. Toorji Ka Jhalra mostly stays less crowded making it possible to have a great visit and get good photoshoots done.
  4. Clock Tower and Sardar Market: For visitors who love shopping, Clock Tower and Sardar Market are the places where you will get the best of local taste. The markets are covered in vibrant products such as textiles, handicrafts, and various spices. One can travel or have customized tours in groups by taking the comfort of a tempo as they explore the crowd and stock it beholds. Shopping at these markets gives access to the cultural aesthetics of Jodhpur’s traditional products.
  5. Kailana Lake: Kailana Lake is a serene place that is a perfect spot for relaxation. Must you go solo or in a group, this place holds so much peace, that you will find yourself submerged in its beauty. This place is almost 11kms away from the centre of the city and one can take a tempo traveller in Jodhpur has great options, such as boating, and sunset views. One can almost have a great rejuvenation after visiting Kailana Lake.
  6. Chamunda Mata Temple: If you want a panoramic view of Jodhpur or city sightseeing, come to Chamunda Mata Temple. This temple is located at the southern end of the Mehrangarh Fort. The way towards the fort is almost a group adventure as this place is less explored. It is said that Chamunda Mata Temple is a spot of great spirituality and has a vast historical background associated with it.
  7. Arna Jharna: Arna Jharna is located 15 km away from Jodhpur’s centre and provides a great experience that is associated with the local way of living. One can hire a tempo traveller in Jodhpur This place gives a sneak peek into Jodhpur’s rural lifestyle and educates on the traditional background of the city and local exploration. This place is also known as the Desert Museum of Rajasthan. There are so many things to look at while being at the museum, such as the traditional crafts, musical instruments, and desert ecology exhibition. Arna Jharna takes its visitors back to history with the preservations from the past periods of generations. One can visit in a group for workshops and interesting presentations by local artists.
  8. Bishnoi Village Safari: Jodhpur has a variety of communities located in different villages, such as the Bishnoi community which can be visited through a Village Safari or a luxury tempo traveller in Jodhpur and is just a short drive away from Jodhpur. Visitors can visit these villages to understand the lifestyle, conservation practices, and traditions of the community. Being on a safari will give access to visit the local homes, experience wildlife sightings, and participate in rural crafts. This tour is perfect for group educational outings and for people who are interested in history and culture.
  9. Machiya Safari Park: On your way to Kaliana Lake, there falls a beautiful tourist spot named as the Machiya Safari Park. This particular park is a hidden gem for people who are wildlife enthusiasts and take a great deal of interest in understanding nature. There are many species such as deer, desert foxes and monitor lizards which are unique in nature. This place is also an ideal spot for people who love birdwatching and enjoy solitude amidst nature.
  10. Osian Temples: Osian is a town that is popular for its beautiful sculptures in the form of Jain and Hindu Temples. This place is 65 km away from Jodhpur and is a great way to explore in a group expedition.

Jodhpur is an amazing city for having group adventures and exploring the unexplored. This place is a great blend of history, culture, and traditions, and with the help of JCR Cab, the best tempo traveller in Jodhpur, you can do all the exploring without any worry. Urbania Tempo Traveller in Jodhpur helps you to have a comfortable trip without ever worrying about missing anything. Come explore Jodhpur, come explore greatness!



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