Camps in Jodhpur – Nightlife in Jodhpur

Camps in Jodhpur – Nightlife in Jodhpur

Camps in Jodhpur - Nightlife in Jodhpur
July 29, 2021
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Best Camps in Jodhpur – Nightlife in Blue City

Jodhpur, the magnificent ‘Blue City, is the jewel of Rajasthan. The city has some great historical and cultural sites to explore in the sunshine, but here we will share some of the best places for night travel in Jodhpur. You can find plenty of spots to roam, to eat, to shop, and to stay, but a night tour will surely fill your heart with ecstasy. 

Night tourism has gained exceptional popularity among travelers. The concept of night tourism in India was first introduced as a pilot project by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation in 2015. The goal of the project was to attract tourists for night visits. Initially, the corporation opened a few of the Forts and Museums from 6 pm to 10 pm. The first Fort was the Amber Fort that was opened on September 30, 2015, and Vidyadhar Garden was the second on this list on June 15, 2017. 

As per the official records of the corporation, 12.2 Lakh tourists have visited the monument during the night and generated 12.2 crores of revenues against the expenditure of 4.27 crores on the lights and other arrangements. The concept was a massive hit among the travellers due to the low entry ticket of 100 rupees per individual, for both Indian and foreign tourists. 

Camping in Jodhpur 

Jodhpur is renowned for its Moonlight Night Walk Tour that starts after 7 pm in the evening. This tour includes the night sightseeing of various monuments viz. Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Umaid Udyan Park and Museum, and Sardar Government Museum. The glory and charm of the monuments can be seen distinctly at night.

Apart from the moonlight walk, Jodhpur also boasts some of the best night camps in the country due to its close proximity to the Thar Desert. Camping in Jodhpur will be a must-do activity if you are travelling to this desert town. Jodhpur camps are situated in Osian which is around 55 to 60 km approx from the city centre in the heart of the desert. These camps are well connected with private as well as public transport. Here you can find cozy and luxurious swiss tents with all the necessary amenities.

Some of the Best camps in Jodhpur are:

  • Manvar Desert Camp & Resort
  • Samsara Luxury Resort & Camp
  • The Osian Sand Dunes Resort & Camp
  • Bishnoi Village Camp and Resort
  • Desert Haveli Resort & Camp, Jodhpur
  • Royal Camps, Jodhpur
  • Safari Camp Osian
  • Camp Thar
  • Cross Adventure Campsite
  • Desert Safari Camp

Fun Activities In Camps

Camping in Jodhpur starts at 4 pm and continues till 9:30 am the next morning. People in traditional Rajasthani attire welcome you with non-alcoholic drinks. You can perform various activities in camps like playing Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Cricket and Firing in the range. Your camp tour also includes a safari in camps

Your evening starts with the extraordinary and famous Camel Safari where you travel through the rusty sand dunes of the Thar Desert with the magnificent view of a memorable dusky sunset. You can also opt for a Jeep Safari for an additional cost. After the desert exploration, there is an arrangement for Bonfire and traditional Kalbeliya Dance along with snacks to soothe your travel fantasies. The ideal time to visit Jodhpur Camps is from October to February as this is the ideal time to roam in the scorching land of Rajasthani.

Desert dining is another aspect of a desert camp where you get the opportunity to cook and eat traditional food on your own. You can also meet the locals and old community of Bishnoi people to know the real-life in the desert by taking part in their daily activities and traditional rituals.

The jewel of Rajasthan offers the best hospitality and cultural exposition. From monuments to cultural sites, from camps to safaris, Jodhpur has all the ingredients to make your travel experience tasteful and remarkable. 


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