Best Transport Options To Explore Udaipur

Best Transport Options To Explore Udaipur

transportation options in Udaipur

Udaipur, popularly referred to as the “City of Lakes,” is the primary tourist spot in Rajasthan, famous for its scenic beauty and architectural marvels. It is often referred to as the “Venice of the East” due to its beautiful lakes and is also surrounded by the greenery of Aravali Hills. The most prominent place in Udaipur is Lake Pichola that has the famous Lake Palace at its center. 

The second-largest sweet-water lake in Asia, the Jaisamand Lake, is also situated here. Other beautiful sites include City Palace and Monsoon Palace, best known for their beautiful architecture and mesmerizing surroundings. There is a one of its kind solar observatory in India located in Lake Fateh Sagar as it is built on an island.

There are a number of other reasons to visit and see the city of royalty and luxury hospitality. But any tourist place can be best traveled via its roads because of the other hidden gems that can be found on your way. But what are the best transportation options in Udaipur you can consider to get the maximum benefit from your city travel? Let’s find out. 

Top Transport Services in Udaipur 

If we have to break down transportation in Udaipur, then you will find majorly two types.

  1. Public Transport 
  2. Private Transport

Public Transport 

The most feasible and affordable way of travel is the public one. This carries the vast chunk of transport in the lake city. This section is broad in its own self and can be further divided into two ways which are given below. 

City Buses

If you are traveling to the royal town on a budget, this would be the right choice. Udaipur City Transport Service Limited started a convenient yet pocket-friendly way of travel to avoid suffering while traveling in the town. These buses are available at every bus stop after every 30 minutes. 

Rickshaw and Autorickshaw

The most common commuting method you will ever come across is the local transportation system. The autorickshaw drivers are well versed with all the routes and local places and can help you explore the town more deeply. Not only is their city penetration outstanding, but they can serve as superb guides here. One thing to be kept in mind while boarding any rickshaw is the price. Yes! The drivers ask for a high price, and you have to bargain a lot while getting in with one of them. 

Private Transport 

This is an organized, systematic method that you can choose to enjoy travel with extra comfort and, of course, with some extra money. Similar to public transport, this category can also be divided into three broad sections. 

Cab/Taxi Service 

The most common and efficient way of transportation and is trendy among tourists and visitors is the car rental service in Udaipur. Hiring these kinds of services comes with the perks of no maintenance, no hassle of road tax, and even the fuel. All you need is Internet connectivity or a phone to place a booking, and your taxi will come to get you from your place and drop you at your desired location. You can also rent a self-drive car to get the pleasure of driving. 

Bike Rent Service

Another great option to travel in the lake city is through renting or hiring bike service. This travel method is best suitable for solo travelers and for those who are on budget travel. All the bike renting services follow travel safety precautions and the riders are also trained and known to ethical driving practices. Hence don’t worry and hire a bike service in Udaipur for you. 

Personal Vehicle 

There is no need to say anything about a personal vehicle because it’s your ride of pleasure. The safety, security, privacy, and comfort are unmatched here. You are not bound to the time as you are with the cab or bike rental service. Exploring your vehicle is still the best way of travel and is advisable if you want the benefits mentioned above. 
It is visible that there are plenty of ways for Udaipur transportation, and it’s all upon you to choose the best one per your requirements and budget. But whatever you choose for yourself, you will get an extraordinary experience.

Udaipur taxi service or cab service in Udaipur is an excellent choice for someone who wants to enjoy these places without any hassle. Cab service in Udaipur are always at service to help you reach your destination. Be it solo or a group, tempo traveller service in Udaipur and taxi service in Udaipur offer a wide number of services to fit into your schedule. So don’t think too much and plan it out. See you soon!


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