Colors and Hues of the Beautiful Traditional Dresses of Jodhpur

Colors and Hues of the Beautiful Traditional Dresses of Jodhpur

Traditional Dresses of Jodhpur - JCR CAB
August 13, 2020
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Jodhpur has a rich cultural heritage and its traditional outfits embody the vibrancy of its heritage. Colourful dresses, heavy jewellery, and handmade fabrics aren’t just their fancy, but they take pride in it and signify their culture through it. It defines who they are and gives them a unique identity. Each and every piece of their clothing and jewellery has a significance of its own and defines something about them and their culture. 

The Jodhpuri Traditional Coutoure carries elegance and uniqueness in it. Even modern fashion takes a lot of inspiration from these traditional fits. The traditional attire of Jodhpuri women is Ghaghara, Choli, Kurti Kanchlis, Odhni, and heavy accessories while men wear Bandhgalas, Pagria, Dhoti, Pyjama, Angarkhaa, and Patkas along with a traditional Safa (turban). Let’s take a look at the traditional attires of the people of Jodhpur. 



Ghaghara, which is a long pleated skirt which is narrow at the waist and then flared at the ankles. It is usually kept a little short so that the foot ornaments are easily visible. They are available in a wide variety of colours, prints, and patterns with the most popular being Leheriya, Bandhani, Gota Patti, Mothra, Hand Embroidered, one. They are available in many materials such as chiffon, crepe, cotton, and georgette. 

Kurti & Kanchli

Kanchli is the blouse that is worn above the Ghaghra. Mostly the women here wear a short blouse called Kanchli and layer it with a Kurti. The Kanchli is short-sleeved while the Kurti is long-sleeved. These are mostly worn in matching with the Ghaghra and are sewn together with it from the same material.


Odhani or Chunni complete the look of a Jodhpuri Woman’s Attire. Women usually cover their heads with them and they are tucked at one end of the blouse and the other end is tucked at the waist in the Ghaghra.  The average length of an Odhani is 3 meters and it is 2 meters wide.


Rakhri, Mang Tika, Jhumkas, Churi, Timania (Chokers), Nath, Bichiya (Toe rings), and Paayals complete the look of a traditional Jodhpuri woman.


Safa (Turban)

The Jodhpuri men cover their heads with a colourful turban which is known as Safa. It is one of the most important parts of a traditional Jodhpuri man’s attire as it symbolizes dignity and royalty. It is a long piece of cloth that is tied around the head. The cloth is around 80ft long and 8 inches wide. The colours of the turbans vary as per seasons and occasions. Men in Jodhpur wear Safas with curved bands. The styles of Safa vary from city to city in Rajasthan.


It is a long piece of cloth that is tied around the waist. Dhotis are mostly white in colour, however, for occasions, the colour may vary. The Dhotis reflect the simplicity of the people of this city and they are worn casually and also in a stylish manner. On occasions, men wear silk dhotis with embroideries and zari work.


Angrakha means protection for the body. This piece of clothing is worn on the upper body and is like a robe. There are two types of Angrakhas- long and short. The long, ankle-length ones were worn by the royals while the short ones are worn casually by commoners. Designer Angrakhas are worn during occasions that are adorned by Gota Patti and mirror work.


Bandh Gala means an attire which is closed at the neck. It is like a blazer which is tucked on the top. They are mostly worn during occasions like weddings and other ceremonies. 


Men wear many accessories like small earrings called “Murki” and neckpieces with semi-precious stones. Silver Hansli, which is a silver ring worn around the neck by commoners. Rich also wear waistbands and Patkas.


Both men and women wear traditional Juttis and Mojaris which are made out of leather from camel, goat, or sheepskin. It is beautifully decorated with embellishments and is embroidered with hand. They are available in a great variety of colours and designs and can be worn under any attire. They can also be paired with western outfits to give a Desi look and make the outfit Indo-Western.

Where to Buy

There are many local markets where you can buy the traditional attires of Jodhpur. You can easily reach these markets by hiring a cab in Jodhpur. We have listed the names of all these markets below:

  1. Clock Tower Market
  2. Kapraa Bazaar
  3. Mochi Bazaar
  4. Nai Sarak
  5. Sarafa Bazaar
  6. Sojati Gate Market
  7. Tripolia Bazaar
  8. Umaid Bhawan Palace Market


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