September 22, 2023
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Being in Jodhpur is like stepping into a world surrounded by Blue Color. The second largest city of Rajasthan, known for its Rich culture, History and Heritage- Jodhpur is also known as BLUE CITY for its vividly spread blue buildings all over the city. There are many taxi services in Jodhpur which provide a full tour of the blue city. BLUE HUE OF JODHPUR- Jodhpur is called Blue City for a reason, When you roam in Navi Chowk or Chandpole, you’ll see some mesmerizing blue buildings and homes. These were built centuries ago and are followed by the generations. These blue houses stretch for more than 10 km. There are several reasons for these Blue buildings, One is that they’re built by the Brahmins who believe in Lord Shiva, having the Holy colour Blue, hence to keep their home sacred and pure, they colour their home blue. The second reason is Blue colour is Mosquito repelling. The third reason is that the blue colour is cooling in nature, helping to cover the heat in Jodhpur.


 THE BEAUTY OF BLUE STREET- The blue streets are found in the old part of the city, surrounding the Mehrangarh fort. The beautiful sculptures and architecture on the blue walls are worth watching. Every turn of the road shows different variations of buildings, holding on to its culture of Blue. Even the markets and bazaars hold the tradition, there are many handicraft shops which make different items coloured blue.



 Mehrangarh Fort, the real Gem of Jodhpur has the most beautiful structure, having different carved walls. A visit to Jodhpur is incomplete without visiting this mesmerizing fort. The view from the Fort is breathtaking. You can see Blue Buildings and blue structures from the Fort. The fort needs a Complete Tour hence, it’s recommended to have some local guides to help you with that. And after visiting this fort you can go to Old City which is nearby the fort. You can travel via car or there are many cab services in Jodhpur which will help.


 MAGIC OF SUNSETS- There are some places where you just show up and that’s all. One of them is experiencing the sunset at the Blue City. The experience can’t be expressed in words. The sun setting and spreading its light all over Jodhpur, dawning into the coldness of Blue City. The best view of Sunset can be experienced either from the Mehrangarh Fort itself or you can just ride a mile to Chamunda Mataji Temple, the view from the topmost southern tip is stunning. The view of orange glances on the white marble of the Temple is fascinating.



Stunning Jodhpur has many places to visit, we are listing some of the must-see places in Jodhpur.


1] Mehrangarh Fort-

Known for its Architecture and remarkable History. The Fort was built by Maharaja Rao Jodha in the year 1459. It is widely spread over 5km and is built on a 125 m hill. It is situated on the outskirts of Jodhpur city yet it is an important part of Jodhpur. It has 7 Gates and each of them is made by different Rulers.


2] Umaid Bhawan Palace-

This is one of the Largest Private Residences in the world. It consists of 372 rooms, a wood-panelled library, private museums, an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a billiards room, unique marble squash courts, and the list goes on and on.

This beautiful palace was built between 1923-1943 by Maharaja Umaid Singh. This palace was architectured by Henry Lanchester, who blended in a mixture of Indian as well as Western cultures.


3] Sardar Government Museum-

Sardar Government Museum is located inside Umaid Bhawan Palace. It has 400 sculptures, 10 Ancient Inscriptions, Thousands of Miniatur, paintings, Terracotta, artwork, ancient coins, metallic objects, etc. It has a Stocked Library and Zoo too.


4] Jaswant Thada-

This astonishing Cenotaph is known for its architectural brilliance. Jaswant Thada was built in the 19th century by Maharaja Sardar Singh in memory of his father. It’s fully built by White Marble. It has a Temple-like architecture and is located near Mehrangarh Fort. It approximately takes 30-45 mins to visit this place.


5] Arna Jharna- 

It is a Museum known for its varieties of Broom, belonging to different Rural Communities. It is spread over 10km. It is a must-visit place for artists as there are many workshops for them. Families and friends can enjoy here as many dance and musical performances are happening here.


6] Kalyana Lake-

A place to relax after wandering in the Blue City. It’s a must-watch place for Bird watchers. Kalyana Lake is an artificial lake built in 1872. It is spread over 8 km and is remarkably known for its sunset.


 In conclusion, Jodhpur is a beautiful place, still carrying its history, its culture and architecture, making it an unforgettable experience. It has resorts, shopping, handicraft markets, and stunning sunsets making it the best-visit place known for its rich heritage. Jodhpur-Blue City has been following the tradition of blue houses, keeping it simple and elegant. It’s better to have tourist guides or some locals to make your way easier. JCR cab services have clear information about these places making it easy to travel and explore throughout the places. JCR CAB services are more than just cab service in Jodhpur, it’s homely and comfortable, making sure your trip is worthwhile and exceptional. So whenever you visit Jodhpur, make sure to book JCR CAB SERVICE and visit the beautiful city hassle-free.


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