Udaipur on Wheels: Tempo Traveler Routes for Nature and Wildlife Enthusiasts

Udaipur on Wheels: Tempo Traveler Routes for Nature and Wildlife Enthusiasts

Udaipur on Wheels: Tempo Traveler Routes for Nature and Wildlife Enthusiasts
May 27, 2024
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Udaipur is one of the most stunning places in India and attracts several visitors every year from different parts of the world. Everything about Udaipur shows beauty and aesthetics, from the exceptional visuals, the magnificent palaces, and the serene lakes to the delicious cuisines popular for its mouthwatering plates. Udaipur can be visited through several routes and explored in great dimensions. Four different routes can be opted to explore the beauty of Udaipur. Here is a list to guide you through the nature tours:

Route 1: While in Udaipur, going through the route of Lakes and wildlife can unlock new wildlife explorations and serve a completely fresh perspective of understanding Udaipur. In the morning, it is great to start from the hotel, having a great breakfast and heading right to Lake Pichola for a serene boat ride. Lake Pichola is surrounded by aesthetic hills. The lake is also surrounded by the magnificent City Palace and a boat ride gives a beautiful view throughout. Sahelion Ki Bari is a beautiful palace that has elegant fountains, lotus pools, and exciting views, and can be visited from around Lake Pichola. Heading out from Lake Pichola, one can experience a great lunch at any restaurant and then forward ahead to Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary serves glimpses of several wild animals like leopards, deers, and various birds that can enchant anyone. Outdoor excursions can also be taken into consideration as one can hire a tempo traveller in Udaipur. In the evening, an evening stroll at Fateh Sagar Lake can be extremely relaxing as the vibe around it gives a lot of peace of mind through the aesthetics it serves.

Route 2: The next route goes through the hills and villages. From the hotel, it will be a nice way to visit Badi Lake for sightseeing adventures and to have a stroll around the place and gather all the tranquillity it serves. The atmosphere around Badi Lake is surrounded by the astounding Aravalli Hills, giving beautiful landscapes to enjoy for the tourists. Badi is surrounded by nearby villages, giving tourists an authentic rural experience. On the way back, there are many local eateries that serve authentic Rajasthani dishes to lift your tastebuds while that’s a must-try. Nearby is the famous Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which you can visit after enjoying a heartfelt lunch while being in the beautiful picturesque. Keeping in touch with the stunning sunset, the next stop can be headed towards Ranakpur. Ranakpur is popular for the Jain Temple it has which is aesthetic intricate carvings that are worth a great view. The temple is so serene that one can enjoy a great walk and enjoy the tranquillity that surrounds the atmosphere. After visiting Ranakpur, one can return to Udaipur and go ahead to visit Lake Pichola. In Lake Pichola, one can opt for a boat ride and enjoy the relaxing scenic view of the City Palace and soak in the great ambience the place provides. There are group travel options that can be availed through Tempo Traveller in Udaipur.

Route 3: Route 3 can be started early in the morning towards Jaisamand Lake. The Jaisamand Lake is known as the second-largest man-made lake in Asia. This lake is very near to the Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary, where visitors can enjoy looking at the unique species and the animals in the wild. From there, a driver or a luxury tempo traveller in Udaipur can be taken to the village of Gogunda can be taken up to experience rural life and interact with the locals about the cultural background of the place. Moving ahead from Gogunda, visitors can have a great Rajasthani meal from any local dhaba to their heart’s content. After lunch, visitors can go straight ahead to Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary to enjoy the life of the species in the wild. One can take a walk around the lake to soak in the tranquillity and spend their time with the birds chirping. In the evening, the visitors can travel towards Saheliyon ki Bari, which is a palace garden full of fountains and beautiful flowers. This place is the epitome of relaxation beside the lush greenery it serves. This route is a great way to explore the rural side and the wildlife of Udaipur while exploring the beauty of the experience this city gives out of the box.

Route 4: While Udaipur is great with its beautiful landscapes and stunning views, this route starts by taking you to Jaisamand Lake to experience the flora and fauna of the surroundings. One can enjoy birdwatching sitting at the lakeside. From there, one can travel to the Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary and take a guided walk throughout the plot. The sanctuary gives ample opportunities to spot different species of birds. Visitors can either have authentic Rajasthani cuisine from nearby dhabas or have their lunch packed amidst the natural ambience of the wildlife. As the sun sets, one can move forward to the Udai Sagar Lake, also known as the Dhebar Lake, and enjoy relaxing for a bit while birdwatching and doing photography. If you are travelling in a group, an Urbania tempo traveller can be availed for your comfort in the tour. To end the tour of the day, return to Udaipur’s Nehru Garden and enjoy the rest of the sunset amidst a peaceful evening and take a leisurely stroll around while enjoying the calm. This route is specifically great for people who are always excited for bird watching.

These Udaipur tempo traveller routes are popular as they can take visitors to different sites according to their preferences. Well, if you are worrying about your travel plans, think no more. JCR Cabs are there to take you in full comfort as you enjoy your experience. They are the best tempo traveller in Udaipur who takes all the hassle away from your itinerary. Come to Udaipur!



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