What makes JCR Cab the Right Travel Partner for Critical Times

What makes JCR Cab the Right Travel Partner for Critical Times

What makes JCR Cab the Right Travel Partner for Critical Times

Uncertainties give rise to improvements and betterment. Humans and systems evolve with the need of time and circumstances. And the present situation is no different. The world has changed and will change a lot after this pandemic, and it becomes crucial that you take care of your loved ones even more, especially during tours and travels. 

Earlier in the Corona epidemic, things were flowing smoothly in a system, and there was no enormous scope for improvements. But in the past year, we saw tremendous change in the world around us, and traveling is no different. Social distancing has become the new norm these days. 

It is now necessary that you take a few points into consideration before making a final decision about travel. The uncertainty creates a dilemma of how to travel and with whom to travel. Affordability and convenience remain the primary aspect of a cab service, but safety and hygiene have become the new points of brainstorming. Now solo travel is the safest way by which you can tour your favorite places. The best choice for personal travel is your vehicle, but not everyone has a car, and here, hiring a self-drive car or a taxi becomes a sound choice. 

But before hiring a car rental service, you need to keep a few points in mind and then decide on a vehicle for yourself. You can book your package of safety and happiness with JCR’s reliable and authentic service. But why JCR in critical times? Keep reading, and you will get the answer by yourself.

Top reason that makes JCR the right travel partner for critical times


The biggest reason for car hire in Jodhpur with JCR is safety. With the uncertainty of Coronavirus and no cure for the disease, safety and prevention become an essential part of our service. And JCR ensures that you do not catch any virus while traveling with us. All of our vehicles are sanitized before and after every ride to ensure maximum safety. 


We increased safety but didn’t decline the importance of comfort. These things remain our primary concern while offering the service to you. Apart from top-notch protection, we provide class-leading comfort and deliver a thoroughly sanitized vehicle within 30 minutes of your booking. 

No hassle of Public Transport 

The primary reason for you to choose the cab service is the privacy as you get with these which is absolutely missing with public transport. You use public transport for your daily commutes like the office, college or any outing. This is undoubtedly the cheapest way of travel but not the safest one as there are a lot of people around there in a crowded bus or train, which makes you vulnerable to the novel Coronavirus. On the other hand, if you rent a car from the JCR, you remain sure of your privacy and comfort. 

Saves Time

A car rental service helps you to save both time and money. How? Simple, suppose you are traveling by a mode of public transport then you have to wait for the bus or train to arrive or stand in the queue to get the tickets. This is not the case with your rented car. You don’t have to wait for your vehicle to arrive or to stand in a queue, but you immediately get your ride to go to your destination.


This is one of the significant benefits associated with a car rental service. With such a service, you have the flexibility of choosing a vehicle of your choice, new cars every time, customized service, flexible payment options, etc., are some of the most fantastic perks you will get with these services. Additional features include full-time vehicle tracking and feedback system that enable you to not only check the status of the car or your journey but also give you the freedom of sharing your views and opinions with the service provider to hence the riding experience. 

Challenging times are indeed the best way to improvise the route of tackling the circumstances. The only way to be safe in these tough times is only by remaining proactive and by considering safety and precaution as the priority. Choose the best option for your traveling needs and be safe in these uncertain times.


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