Enjoy The Traditional Winter Festival In Mount Abu

Enjoy The Traditional Winter Festival In Mount Abu

Festival In Mount Abu
September 9, 2021
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Although Rajasthan is the most culturally rich and vibrant state of India, there are some specific locations in the state where you can enjoy the real glory of tradition and heritage. It has Udaipur for royalty and hospitality, Jodhpur for adventure, Chittorgarh for rich Marwar culture. Similarly, there is also a place called Mount Abu. It is the only hill station in Rajasthan famous for its consistent weather all year round.

Mount Abu is probably the second place in Rajasthan after Pushkar that is famous for its festivals. Mainly two types of festivals are organized in Mount Abu, (i) Summer Festival and (ii) Winter Festival. Organized with the collaboration of the Rajasthan Tourism Department and Municipal Corporation of Mount Abu, these festivals are held in the peak time of their respective seasons, i.e., in May and December. 

This winter festival is a 3 day treat for all the tourists who flock to Rajasthan from all over the globe. In the entire course of the festival, you will get the chance to experience the authentic delight of Rajasthan, from food to clothes to dance; everything is there to make your desert land trip memorable and sparkling. 

The Beginning 

The major highlight of the festival in Mount Abu is the Grand Processions. This includes the local talent of Rajasthan. The processions begin from the hotel Shikhar and end at the Nakki lake chowk. The sight of hundreds of people in colorful clothes is undoubtedly a visual delight for your eyes. 

What festival has to offer for you?

The winter festival, as we mentioned, happened in December, but when in December? Easy, at the month-end or simply near the new year time, it is a perfect place to plan your itinerary to Rajasthan. New year celebrations can be expensive and crowded, especially if you are looking for specific locations like Delhi and Goa. Celebrating the new year in Mount Abu is not only a good option but money-saving as well. You get the chance to see the culture and hospitality of the whole state in just 3 days. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Mount Abu now. 

More than just food and colors

When visiting Mount Abu during the festive season, the sight of traditional folk singers in the heart of Aravalli Hills is indeed the once in a lifetime opportunity. The cold winter nights of Mount Abu fill with the liveliness of Kalbelia, Ghoomar, Dhap, and Gair dance. 

Apart from the folk songs and traditional dance, the festival has some other remarkable activities to do. You can play childhood games like Gilli Danda, Cricket (20-20), Match and Kite flying, etc. Please don’t lie; all of us have played these games at least once in our lifetime. Playing these games with our friends and children will surely be a nostalgic experience.  

If you like to play with words, then poetry reading will be the best bet for you. We all have a hidden poet in one part of our heart who loves to express through rhymes; if you have any desires left to say something meaningful, then you have the chance. Not to forget the most important thing of a festival journey, Shopping; there are plenty of items available to shop for, from antiques to artifacts to traditional products. 

The Day of Remembrance 

On the third last day of the festival, there is a ritual called Deepdaan. It is the most soothing part of the festival. Why? Because thousands of Diyas (Earthen Lamps) set afloat in the water of Nakki lake. You can only imagine the beauty of a cold night with a light-up view of the biggest lake in Mount Abu. The moment is no less than magic. Apart from the visual treat, there is one more surprise of hidden fireworks behind the hill of Abu that lit up the night sky of Mount Abu as the finale of a fantastic winter festival. 

Along with the festival, Mount Abu has some mesmerizing historical sites to explore. The 9th-century Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu Sanctuary, and Achleshwar Temple are must-visit places while traveling to Mount Abu. 

To roam the hill station of Rajasthan, you need a reliable Cab Service in Rajasthan to fulfill your travel needs. Because with expert guidance you can explore more of the place. 


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