10 Best Hotels in Jodhpur: Heritage, Luxury & Budget Stays

10 Best Hotels in Jodhpur: Heritage, Luxury & Budget Stays

10 Best Hotels in Jodhpur


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan, India, Jodhpur has emerged glorious in state-of-the-art hotels and villas offering accommodation with comfort and luxury. 

Owing to its large range of tourists — tourists from all countries, all cultures, all origins and all economic classes — Jodhpur has hotels that suits everyone’s needs and requirements. A lot of options make it difficult to choose which one is the best. But once you understand your budget and other requirements, you will be able to distinguish them and choose the one which fits your needs the best. 

Once you are at the hotel, you can hire a car rental in Jodhpur or hire a taxi in Jodhpur to take you around the city. Visiting all these Jodhpur famous sightseeing spots can be tiring, but it’s worth the pain. You can see the majestic fort for its brilliance and learn all about Mehrangarh fort and all about the history of Jodhpur. And once you are out, don’t forget to visit the local markets in Jodhpur.

Here is a list of Top Hotels in Jodhpur to help you with some suggestions.

Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur

These heritage hotels will give you an unforgettable experience. A true Rajasthani Villa welcomes you into the world of delicious Marwari Cuisine, Royal Hospitality and Unbelievable Architecture. These are literally palaces converted into hotels, while some of them were built in modern days, but as a replica of old Rajputana Palaces. If you want to get a royal living experience, and just for a short while, feel like a palace queen, you can choose to stay in one of these hotels while your stay in Jodhpur. Even though it will burn a hole in your pocket,  you will go home with memories that you will cherish forever, and pictures that will get you an amazing engagement on your social media profiles. The Top Heritage Hotels to stay in Jodhpur are:

  1. Mihir Garh Palace
  2. Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace
  3. Rohetgarh Palace

Other options for heritage hotels are: RaaS, Ranbanka Palace, Ajit Bhawan Palace, Bijolai Palace, etc.

Luxury Hotels in Jodhpur

If you want to avoid all the extravaganza and overspending, you can surely cut down a heritage hotel stay form your spending list, which will deduct half of your vacation budget single-handedly. However, if you still want a 5-star service, but in rather realistic prices, something more in the affordable range, you can opt for one of these Luxury Hotels in Jodhpur. These luxury hotels will give you a great hospitality experience with amazing continental as well as Marwari food along with some drinks to make your night stays better than your daytime journeys. Top Luxury Hotels in Jodhpur are:

  1. Hari Mahal
  2. Indana Palace
  3. Park Plaza

Other Options for Luxury Hotels are: Hotel Ratan Vilas, Zone by The Park, Marugarh Resort, Lariya Resort, Nirali Dhani, etc.

Budget Hotels in Jodhpur

Luxury is a privilege; let us all accept that. Not all of us can afford that luxe at the cost of our meals. Even if let’s just say that we can afford all that. But why spend so much on accommodation when we are going to spend the maximum amount of time travelling outside on our Sightseeing plans. It only sounds wise to get a cheap accommodation in the city just to sleep in and keep our luggage. But a cheap hotel does not exactly mean smelly beds, unhygienic bathrooms and broken air conditioners. There are a lot of Budget hotels in the city which can provide you with standard

  1. Fairfield by Marriott
  2. Kalinga Hotel
  3. Fern Residency

Other Options for Budget Hotels: Chandra inn, Chandra Grand, Shree Ram International, Mandore Guest House, etc.

Cheap Hotels in Jodhpur

Then there are hotels that offer you super cheap accommodation, just in case you are running on a very tight budget. These hotels are so cheap that you won’t feel the burden of accommodation making your holiday expenditure heavier. On the other hand, these hotels won’t make you compromise on your comfort and hygiene. These hotels might not have been rated 5 stars, but the staff would still welcome you with a warm smile and a soothing welcome drink the moment you enter the hotel. Some of the popular Cheap Hotels in Jodhpur are:

  1. Hotel Amba International
  2. R K Excellency
  3. Hotel Residency Palace

Other cheap stay in options are the various dormitories and motels available nearby Railway Station and inside the city area. There are hotel accommodation options available in every corner of Jodhpur. These are way cheaper than the ones listed on travel websites, but their ambience is equally welcoming.


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