December 21, 2023
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Jaipur, known for its beautiful landscapes and breath-taking sights, is truly a colourful abode of flushed shades that can enhance any traveller’s dream place into reality. Called as the “Pink City, it  is a popular destination for tourists to enjoy their break and relax away from the otherwise chaotic and hectic routine of their life. Jaipur is a perfect destination to add colours to a bland palette and turn it into a joyful canvas full of memories to be hanged on one’s wall. If you are a traveller looking to immerse yourself into a flamboyant voyage, but is worried about travelling, JCR Cab which is a taxi service is easily available. To gulp down its beauty, a minimum of 2-3 days with cab service in Jaipur is suggested. Below is a list of the best hotels in Jaipur city which are affordable hotels in Jaipur to make your holiday stand out.

1) Rambagh Palace

The stunning Rambagh Palace, originally built in 1835, was once the residence of the Maharaja in Jaipur. Rambagh Palace, located in Bhawani Singh Road, is a luxurious space consisting of 78 aesthetically grand rooms. The palace is a haven made decorated with hand carved marbles, stunningly rich interiors and extravagant paintings giving it an elaborate splendour view for the visitors to enjoy. And it all doesn’t end just here. The 18th century royalty contains a wide décor of a ball room where residents are provided with grand meals as per their preferences. The palace indulges in various opulent options starting from lounge bars and Polo bars to Indian wellness therapies like yoga and meditation. There are multi cuisine options for vacationers to surprise their palettes and enjoy the exquisite variety of this place. Known as the “Jewel of Jaipur”, Rambagh Palace is a perfect destination to experience the sophistication of Jaipur with a rather elegant conversance.

The price of this luxurious stay starts from 52,000 INR. The distance of Rambagh Palace from Jaipur Airport is 11 kms, while from Jaipur Junction Railway station is 6kms. Tempo traveller service in Jaipur helps in taking you around the city with comfort.

2) The Oberoi Rajvilas

One of the best luxury hotels in Jaipur, the Oberoi Rajvilas, is spread over 1,29,499 square metres which captures a extraordinary viewpoint with flaming marshals, exceptional landscapes, intricate architecture and reflection pools. The 5 star hotel gives a traditional indo-modern feel to the residents providing several attractive amenities. The Oberoi Rajvilas has exquisite accommodation finely curated to cater to tourists’ attraction and choices which includes luxury tents with private swimming pools, especially inspired by the era of Maharajas. Located in Goner Road, this resort has multi cuisine options, specialising in authentic Rajasthani dishes and international delicacies. The top notch facilities make it an extraordinary stay binding into soulful memories.

The price of this amusing stay starts from 45,000 INR. The distance of The Oberoi Rajvilas from Jaipur Airport is 13.9 kms, while it is 14 kms from Jaipur Railway Station.

3) ITC Rajputana:

ITC Rajputana is one of the best hotels in Jaipur, which is located in Palace Road, Jaipur. Inspire by the architecture of Rajasthani Havelis, ITC Rajputana caters a royal abode to its occupants. The interior is crafted with traditional decors with a modern touch of romance, while the exterior is delicately crafted with red bricks, engulfing with long doors and stretched corridors. Their cuisines involve all-dimensional dishes, from Indian specialities to International options, which gives the guest the opportunity to relish through their own expectations.

The price of this beautiful stay starts from 11,500 INR. The distance of ITC Rajputana from Jaipur Airport is 11.6 kms, while it is 1 km from Jaipur Railway Station.

4) Fairmont Jaipur

Fairmont Jaipur lives upto its name when it comes to its whooping large area covering lush gardens and exceptional landscape. It is a luxurious palatial hotel gracefully combining the beauty of history with its own dash of modern architecture. Offering luxurious rooms and multi cuisine options, Fairmont Jaipur is truly an eye-pleasing yet a relaxing getaway for tourists who seek perfection in their services. There are a total of 245 guest rooms, including 7 guest rooms, complementing the traditional Mughal influence in its luxuriant gaze. It is locate in 2 Riico Kukas, Jaipur, making it one of the best hotels in Jaipur for family.

The price of this palace starts from 21,000 INR. From Jaipur Airport, Fairmont Jaipur is 24 kms away, while from Jaipur Railway Station it is 19.9 kms away. There are tempo traveller in Jaipur to help you tour around the city.

5) Jai Mahal Palace

This astonishingly beautiful palace located in Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur, is a 278 year old space built in 1745 which is set around 18 acres of Mughal influence. The architecture is of Indo-Saracenic culture giving it an ambience of Rajasthani heritage and culture. Jai Mahal Palace serves with mind-blowing views and is nestled with several signature experiences with aiming to provide pampering experiences to its residers. The biggest pointer of this stay is that it is the centre of all the shopping areas and other historical sites. Staying in this space is an enchanting stay to live like a royalty, and honestly, it is a lifetime of an experience.

The price of this palace starts from 24,000 INR.  From Jaipur Airport, Jai Mahal Palace is 12.2 kms away, while from Jaipur Railway Station it is 2 kms.

As a whole, all the above mentioned hotels provide top notch facilities to make ones stay comfortable and these are the best hotels in Jaipur India. Each of these places ensures a comfortable stay and are nearby to the airport and the railway station which helps with less travelling and more enjoying. The comfort, glory and exhibitioner qualities of these hotels will definitely make it to a photographic memory that stays in your forever shelf of experiences. Apart from all, JCR Cabs is always there at your doorstep to keep you stress-free and enjoy your vacay!


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