February 28, 2024
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Jaisalmer is the jewel in a crown of Rajasthan’s splendour, surrounded by stunning sand dunes. Jaisalmer, an awe-inspiring city with breathtaking palaces and forts, has a special place in our hearts because of its historical significance, cultural resources and scenic beauty which are all found in the middle of Thar Desert. It is aesthetically credited to its presence on the edge of yellow-colored sandstone, giving visitors a unique experience. The city leaves visitors asking for more about Rajputania culture through this rich demonstration. The fun of living in the city can best be captured by taking heritage walks and having breath-taking festivals at Jaisalmer.  Here is a list of the best hotels in Jaisalmer for one to refer:

  1. The Serai Jaisalmer: The Serai Jaisalmer one of the best hotels in Jaisalmer city and it is in the form of a luxury camp and spa for the visitors to enjoy. This hotel is renowned for its excellent hospitality and services. The unique thing about the Serai Jaisalmer is how it offers camp-like accommodation for people to enjoy the free atmosphere for once. The camp is such a perfect blend of Rajasthani culture mixed with modern infrastructure. All these tents are perfectly equipped stylist furnishings, private verandas and amusing bedrooms. There are many facilities such as swimming pool, spa, dining room, outdoor activity provisions etc. for visitors to enjoy. The Serai serves both Indian and International cuisines which are prepared by dedicated chefs. Visitors get to enjoy dining experience under the open sky, enjoying the night sky full of starlight in elegant tents. The Serai is truly an unique experience to not miss!

Address: Bherwa, Jhabra, Rajasthan 345001

Price: Starts from 75000 INR

  1. Suryagarh: Known for its impeccable service and outstanding service, Suryagarh stands out for its intricate designs as per architecture which perfectly showcases the authenticity of Rajasthan and can be regarded as one of the best hotels Jaisalmer India. The beautiful designs such as the royal balconies, well-built courtyards, and majestic hall-rooms can captivate anyone’s dream. The rich traditionalism can be seen through the customised way the rooms are designed, the interior is well equipped with modern amenities as well as traditional get-up. The hotel provides several hospitable amenities such as spas, wellness centres, fitness services, wide dining options and swimming pool. Camel rides, desert safaris, cultural programmes, cooking programmes etc. are some of the activities that Suryagarh caters to. Suryagarh serves multiple cuisines, including the traditional Rajasthani dishes, Indian meals and International cuisines. This hotel is situated in the outskirts of Rajasthan and major attractions such as Jaisalmer Fort and Sam Sand Dunes can be easily accessed from Suryagarh.

Address: Kahala Phata, Jaisalmer – Sam – Dhanana Rd, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001

Price: Starts from 44000 INR

  1. The Gulaal: Situated in the heart of Jaisalmer, the Gulaal is a luxury boutique hotel, and is known for its exquisite design and alluring interiors. The hotel features local artworks, handicrafts, carved stone facades and exquisite visuals that’ll just add to the alluring atmosphere of the place. Their style is exceptionally blended with the right dash of traditional and modern style, where each room is designed in a customised format to make it a unique experience for each visitor and making it a memorial custom for them. The Gulaal offers a wide range of culinary experience, including Indian and International cuisines to fill your taste-buds. The hotel serves amazing experiences such as camel safaris, desert safaris, cultural programmes such as traditional music and dances. The Gulaal is a great experience for people visiting Jaisalmer for a memorable experience and it falls in the most affordable hotels in Jaisalmer.

Address: Infront Of Nagar Parishad, Bera Rd, Postal Colony, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001

Price: Starts from 5600 INR

  1. Marriott Jaisalmer Resort & Spa: The Marriott Jaisalmer Resort and Spa is one of the top hotels in Jaisalmer providing five star luxury services and is one of the best hotels in Jaisalmer for family. Located in a prime location in Jaisalmer, Marriott is caters to tourist needs in the best possible ways. Marriott contains well-furnished interiors along with modern amenities. As well as it is popular, Marriott serves customers with the utmost form of care and comfort and makes all ways possible to provide exceptional suites. There are a total of 135 suite rooms for the guests to enjoy their vacation in all form. The buffet Marriott serves is well curated for guests to enjoy an elaborate meal which includes breakfast, Rajasthani delicacies and live kitchen counters. There food chain is very well customised to fit in to anyone’s tastebuds. If you are someone who seeks comfort along with a luxurious experience, Marriott is for you.

Address: Jaisalmer – Sam – Dhanana Rd, Police Line, Jaisalmer, Kishan Ghat, Rajasthan 345001

Price: Starts from 10000 INR

  1. Fort Rajwada: Fort Rajwada stands out to be one of the most sought to be hotels in Jaisalmer. Situated in a prime location in the city, Fort Rajwada gives easy access to almost all the happening landmarks in the city. The interior is designed with regal look, having a royal architecture to its curves. The intricate designs and majestic hallways contribute to the elegance of the hotel giving character to the heritage of Rajasthan. The cuisines include a wide variety including both Indian and International cuisines, for guests to enjoy to their heart’s content.

Address: No.1, Hotel Complex, Jodhpur Barmer Link Road, Indira Colony, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001

Price: Starts from 48000 INR

Jaisalmer has a lot of choices in regard to hotels, but the above list comes in the best luxury hotels in Jaisalmer and is worth a visit. These hotels assure comfort and luxury to their visitors and never fail in terms of their hospitality. The above list is also renowned for how easily they let their customer access the renowned landmarks in order to give the best experience possible. So next time you are in Jaisalmer, make sure to check these out. And if you are worrying on your travelling plans, worry not, the Tempo Traveller service in Jaisalmer comes to your doorstep at any time you need. Cab service in Jaisalmer is always available to make your journey hassle free. So what are you waiting for? Hola Jaisalmer!



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