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February 1, 2024


The grandeur of Udaipur is well-known to the world. The beauty of the palaces to the alluring natural landscapes never fails to captivate one’s heart. The glory of Udaipur is reflected through its enchanting lakes that stand up like jewels in the c

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Jaipur's Vibrant Nightlife
October 30, 2023

Discovering Jaipur’s Vibrant Nightlife: A Guide to Safe and Memorable Evenings

The nightlife of Jaipur starts when the sun sets over the Pink City and the city's rooftops come to life. Rooftop bars and restaurants are an essential element of Jaipur's nightlife since they provide a calm and romantic setting in addition to breath

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Top Tourist Destination in Jaipur

Top Tourist Destination in Jaipur – JCR CAB

The "Pink City," also known as Jaipur, is the state capital of Rajasthan and is a captivating fusion of history, culture, and architectural wonders. There are numerous popular tourist attractions in this city, each with a distinct charm and specialty

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Surpura Dam Jodhpur
November 28, 2022

SURPURA DAM JODHPUR Tourist Spot Jodhpur

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August 19, 2022

Top 10 Reasons India Should be Your Next Destination for Travel

India is an enormous country across the globe with a variety of places to visit, particularly for travel and tourism. Many foreigners travel to India to have a memorable and memorable holiday throughout their lives. In fact, numerous tourist destinat

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Jaisalmer Desert Festival
January 29, 2022

Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2022: All You Need to Know

The international desert festival of Rajasthan is celebrated every year in the Jaisalmer district. This three-day event is organized in pleasant weather of winter by the tourism ministry. Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2022 It will be celebrated in

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Camel Festival in Bikaner 2022 , Festival Date , History and Timings
January 22, 2022

Extensive Guide to Bikaner Camel Festival 2022

The annual International camel Safari festival in Bikaner is one of the best festivals in India. This event is famous for the appreciation of camels and the trading of camels. The camel festival in Bikaner 2022 is scheduled to begin on 8 January, a

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