Festivals are an intrinsic part of our lives. In India, festivals are treated not just as some occasion, but mostly as an opportunity to gather around with families and have a great time together. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and as beautiful is it in its visual magnanimity, so are its various festivals that capture the culture of this country. Jaipur’s festivities evoke in us the importance of our traditions as they offer us glimpses of colours combing into the modern heritage. Let us take a peep into the festivals and celebrations in Jaipur that make an outstanding show for the people.

Gangaur Festival: Connecting to Goddesss Gauri, Gangaur Festival is one of the top festivals in Jaipur celebrated as dedication to the goddess who is a re-incarnation of Parvati. During the month of Chaitra, women from around the city carry idols in procession in traditional attires. This festival is a celebration of the spring, primarily to commemorate harvest, childbearing and marital fidelity and is a 100 year old ritual symbolising good luck. The most beautiful part of this festival is how women adorn themselves in colourful garments and decorate their hands and feet, while unmarried girls go around singing ghudlia. Gangaur Festival is truly a grandeur! 

Teej Festival: Teej is another popular festivals of Rajasthan which falls during the monsoon time and is celebrated with great ardour and zeal. This festival is also majorly ceremonialize by women where the city experiences cultural festivities, vibrant processions and traditional dances. Married women celebrate Teej as they fast without water and food in order to wish for their husband’s long life, praying for their well-being and prosperity. They jewel themselves with henna in their hand and garment in colourful traditional wears. Teej Festival is a tourist attraction that many people enjoy during that time. To give you a round of the city during Teej, cab services for Jaipur festivals is always at your doorstep.

Elephant Festival: As elephants are the symbolization of royalty, Elephant Festival is one of the major Jaipur festivals. In this occasion, elephants are decorated by their Mahouts in rich garments known as jhool. They’re jewelled with heavy, rich jewelleries and embellished with ear danglers as decoration on their necks. The caretakers of the elephants garnish the elephants’ head with head-plates while they jazz up their tusks with gold and silver. In this majestic jollification, elephants are participated into various interesting games such as the tug of war, polo matches, elephant races and the list goes on. In these competitions, the strongest elephant is chosen and is picked to have a contend with 10 men. The best-dressed elephant also win an award as a competitor. This a well-known festival where thousands of people come and enjoy the aesthetics of its grandeur. Tempo traveller service in Jaipur or taxi service in Jaipur can be your best friend in capturing these memories.

Kite Festival: Marking the day of Makar Sankranti, Kite Festival is celebrated every year on the 14th of January which continues for the following 3 days. The fun and frolics of this festival is how kites of several sizes and shapes fill up the blue sky making it a camaraderie of playfulness and festivity. While Kite Festival serves as a major festival in the country, it also has an interesting scientific explanation behind its celebration. As winter is the home of several sicknesses such as cold, cough and soreness, sunlight plays an important role in keeping people healthy. Flying kites require the participants to go to their terrace which exposes them to sunlight resulting in good health and removing any kind of infection. Hence, Kite Festival’s multifaceted qualities make it a fascinating and unmissable watch.

Diwali: What doesn’t brighten up Jaipur more than Diwali? The entire city gets adorned with colourful lights and diyas, where every house collectively contribute to the aesthetics of the season. During Diwali, Jaipur in itself looks like a lightened lamp. People exchange gifts and sweets, celebrate with families and burst cracker. The night sky become brightens up in happiness and victory, making every heart rejoice in its music. Diwali, therefore, becomes a visually pleasing sight that represent India’s vividness in festivities. Tempo traveller in Jaipur can always help you experience it stress free.

Holi: Holi is probably the most loved festival of the country as it marks the onset of spring season. The ambience of the city completely transforms as this festival takes over with its incomparable vibrancy and fervour. The charm of Holi is comprised with the colourful ardour of gulaal uniting people throughout the city. Families and friends come together to play Holi together. In particular to Jaipur, Holi is known as the Dhulandi Festival, where Holika Dahan is a common ritual signifying the let go of the past evil and only inviting the pure and the good. Jaipur’s Holi Festival becomes a memorable celebration as it serves a major carnival of the city.

Jaipur Literature Festival: The festivals of Jaipur come under an undying end, but one of the most loved events is the Jaipur Literature Festival. This literary event is a popular fest for the literary enthusiasts who come all around the country to immerse themselves in the sea of belle-lettres. The founders of JLF were Namita Gokhale and William Dalrymple who carefully founded this event in 2006 which has been happening since then, every year, in the month of January. JLF hosts several eminent writers in its season as it bears the cocoon of culture in itself drawing attendees from all over the country. The JLF is something that shouldn’t be omitted!

There are other festivals too which include cattle racing, cultural events, food festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri. The diversity of Jaipur’s celebration makes it a worthwhile destination. Be it Diwali or Teej, Literature festival or Holi, Jaipur lives upto its name of being a vibrant city full of life and ardour. The liveliness and the joyfulness of city makes the whole city resound with happiness during the festival. For transportation during Jaipur festivals, JCR cab is always available.


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