How to Plan a Perfect Weekend Getaway to Udaipur

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend Getaway to Udaipur

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend Getaway to Udaipur
April 30, 2024
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Commonly known as the “City of Lakes”, Udaipur is such a wonderful city to visit as a weekend getaway. The hassle and buffers of the week’s exhaustion make for a relaxing trip and Udaipur is the perfect destination for the same. Well, as it is very well known any trip becomes successful depending on how it is planned. As Udaipur is a huge city to be explored, going through a proper map is a crucial stage to understanding the tour’s itinerary. There are certain things to keep in mind while planning a short trip and here is a Udaipur trip guide to help you bucket multiple things in a time-friendly way.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Stay:

Udaipur travel tips cover a few decent points to help you, such as queries regarding what to pack, what to try, where to visit and what not to miss. To start, it is important to decide where to stay from time ahead. Accommodation plays an important role in any trip, as depending on the stay, a lot of access to important places can be utilized. This will not only minimize the travelling time but will also keep the tour hassle-free. Udaipur does have a lot of budget-friendly options that are ideal if you are on a budget, while if you are willing to experience the royalty of the place, luxury resorts are ample in numbers to help you have the best of times. It is important to check out the facilities and amenities of the stay before booking it from beforehand, as well as a prior booking will definitely help save time.


Must-Visit Attractions and Hidden Gems in Udaipur:

Udaipur is a storehouse of so many attractions, including the forts, palaces, and beautiful lakes. Keeping in mind the multiple attractions, a few of them are City Palace, Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, Sahelion ki Bari and Shilpagram. The City Palace is a big complex that houses museums, palaces and courtyards with extraordinary architecture. Lake Pichola is a stunning lake island that gives beautiful views to visitors while Jag Mandir is also situated on an island with an aesthetic landscape. Sahelion ki Bari has great historical importance as it was the leisure spot of royal women who loved to stroll around among the garden and the fountains. Crafts are a special attraction in Udaipur and Shilpagram serves with the experience of learning in exhibitions, workshops, and performances.


What to Bring for a Weekend in Udaipur:

A weekend trip is for a short period, but it requires certain planning, especially when you are planning for a warm place like Udaipur. Whichever season you plan your trip in, it is mandatory to pack lightweight clothes as it will keep you comfortable in the harsh climate. Next up is sunscreen, a must-have, to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays. Since touring any place requires a lot of walking, comfortable shoes are a necessity. Sun protection is a must in Udaipur, so sunscreen is an essential package. For touring, a medical kit needs to be packed with all the first aid that might come in handy. A camera to record all the memories is a good thing to pack. The other essentials include chargers and power banks to keep you backed up.


Dining Recommendations and Local Favourites:

Udaipur has an ample number of options when it comes to dining choices and cuisines. Although Udaipur is predominantly a vegetarian place, there are international cuisines available that will just blow your mind. The blend of traditional and international cuisines can be found popularly, and here are a few names you can try. Ambrai Restaurant, Jheel’s Rooftop Restaurant, Millets of Mewar and Natraj Dining Hall. These places serve a long variety of food to impress your tastebuds. They don’t just offer a great range of food, but also a great ambience to relish the food in a good mood.


Getting Around Udaipur Efficiently:

Udaipur can efficiently be enjoyed in several modes of transportation. There are cabs and taxis available that can tour you around the city. Auto rickshaws are available throughout the city for a great visit. The best part is there are bicycles available as well which you can rent for an eco-friendly tour around the city, while heritage walks are also pretty popular and lets you trip through the lanes of Udaipur.


Time Management Strategies for a Weekend Trip:

A few Udaipur tips to save time for a weekend trip while covering most of the popular spots include planning for the trip from time ahead. A bit of research can help manage time efficiently and decide on a fruitful itinerary. It is a great idea to start the day in the early morning as it gives a lot of time throughout the day for a great tour. Also, planning for the routes ahead of time serves as a clarity of plan and helps in avoiding confusion which could kill time. Last but not least, it is important to save some extra time for sudden discoveries or shopping sprees as well.


Spa Retreats and Leisure Activities in Udaipur:

Udaipur is a city of royalty and luxury. The city itself showcases such regal architecture which attracts several visitors every year. While there are many spa retreats and leisure activities in Udaipur that can be availed, a few of them include the Spa at Oberoi Udaivilas, Bagore ki Haveli Cultural Evening, Boat Ride on Lake Pichola etc. These mentioned places give unique experiences of luxury spas, authentic Rajasthani music and dance at historical havelis while the boat rides at Lake Pichola give a serene experience of the lake for visitors.


Enjoying Udaipur Without Breaking the Bank:

Opting for budget-friendly accommodation is the first step of enjoying Udaipur without spending a lot of bucks. There are many popular attractions in Udaipur which are free of cost such as the Fateh Sagar Lake and Saheliyon ki Bari. Also, opting for public transport to tour around the city saves a lot of money. Udaipur also offers great culinary experience in their street foods which are again very budget friendly.



Photography Spots and Instagram-

Worthy Locations: Udaipur as a city in itself is an Instagram-worthy place and anywhere you click pictures, turns out to be aesthetic. Yet, a few spots might include the City Palace, Lake Pichola and Gangaur Ghat which can serve as stunning photography spots.


Recommendations from Locals for an Authentic Experience:

For touring any place well, the best guides are the locals of that place. Locals recommend trying the authentic food of Rajasthan which includes the Dal Bati Churma, Laal Maas and varieties of sweets. Local Markets are the best places to do shopping which are authentic to the culture of the city and mark the heritage of the place. Popular markets of Udaipur are Hathi Pol and Bada Bazaar. Attending cultural events in Udaipur gives a great insight into the beautiful heritage of the city.

Although a weekend trip is a short time to explore Udaipur, with correct planning and a little bit of strategy along with the above Udaipur tour tips, you can have the best time amongst the beauty of the city. JCR Cabs are a pioneer when it comes to partnering with you regarding your tour. Any time you need a ride, JCR cabs are there for you, Cab service in Udaipur serves you with the best service possible where you can travel worry-free and in your comfort. Cab in Udaipur takes you to all your chosen spots so you can relax while enjoying your journey. Even if you are travelling with a big group, worry not, because JCR Tempo traveller in Udaipur takes you through the travel. Enjoy Udaipur to the fullest!




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