Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF 2022): Things to Know

Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF 2022): Things to Know

Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF 2022): Things to Know

Rajasthan International Folk Festival or RIFF 2022 is an annual festival that has been celebrated in Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort since 2007. It is for non-profit purposes. The primary motive of this five-day festival is to showcase the culture, handicraft, music, and art of Rajasthan on the world stage.

Rajasthan is known for keeping its culture alive in modern times. If you want to witness how the art of Rajasthan was in ancient times, and how they are keeping up with it in recent times, you can get a glimpse of the old art in this festival.

RIFF Jodhpur 2022 Date and Time

Rajasthan International folk festival 2022-2023 will be organized on Sharad Purnima(Full moon in the month of Sharad) like it is organized every year on the same date according to Vikram Samvat calendar.

Important dates of RIFF 2022

  • Inauguration Ceremony – 6 October 2022
  • Closing Ceremony – 10 October 2022

History of Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) Jodhpur

This festival was started from joint efforts from Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Jaipur Virasat Foundation in the year 2007. The chief of the RIFF is Maharaja Gaj Singh.

This festival is celebrated in and around Mehrangarh Fort, with elements of Rajasthan’s history and culture.

This non-profit cultural program is backed by UNESCO. HH Maharaja Gaj Singh is the Patron of RIFF, Jodhpur. Sir Mick Jagger from ‘The Rolling Stone,’ the rock band, is the International patron of the Rajasthan international folk festival

International Presence

Jodhpur RIFF is now one of the best cultural events across the earth marking the Rajasthani folk music’s presence known on the global scale. Incredible views from the top of the jodhpur fort make it unique.

  • It is part of the world’s annual music calendar.
  • UNESCO backed this festival under its program “People’s Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development.”


Some of the achievements of the Rajasthan International Folk Festival are:

  • British magazine Songlines regarded RIFF as one of the top 25 festivals in the world.
  • The Mehrangarh Fort is voted as the best fort in Asia in Time Magazine, where the festival takes place.

The Motive of RIFF Jodhpur

The primary and foremost motive of the event is to give light to the unexplored talent in the state.

  • It provides a stage for local artists and musicians.
  • It creates opportunities for artists from rural Rajasthan.
  • It gives exposure to the local talent.
  • This festival Identifies emerging talent.
  • This high-profile festival is developing regional music interest in the youth of India, which is under threat of western influence currently.
  • It will give wings to tourism in Jodhpur and other parts of the state.
  • With this festival, Jodhpur is making an international presence with the best regional festival.
  • It is exhibiting and showcasing handloom products that are made in the state.
  • This festival is supporting local businesses to go big.

Events and Programs at RIFF

This festival is known for its cultural programs as it is regarded as the best regional music festival in India and the whole world. More than 250 artists attend this festival each year from different parts of the globe.

  • The 2013 event was based on the history of the Mehrangarh.
  • Grammy winners Yossi Fine and Wouter Kellerman performed at this festival in the year 2015.

Key Events From the Festival

From local artists to international musicians, the RIFF is full of art and culture. Some of the events that happen here during the festivals are:

  • Rajasthani Musical Artists— Under the “Living Legends” series, the best local artist showcases their art. Manganiyar community from Barmer and Jaisalmer is known as the best musical, artistic community in western Rajasthan, which is also widely appreciated in this five-day festival.
  • Artists from different parts of India— artists from various parts of India present their skills in the best way possible.
  • International Artists— international artists from around the globe, flaunt their skills in this high-profile festival of the state. Influence from countries like Brazil, USA, Australia, France, Hungary, etc. can be seen in this festival.

Enjoy One of the Best Festivals in Jodhpur!

Enjoying the RIFF is the best thing one can do in winter in Rajasthan. You can book a taxi in the city to visit the RIFF, and for a smooth experience of getting to know the beautiful culture of Rajasthan.


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