March 4, 2024
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Jaisalmer is a place of great forts and palaces for visitors to enjoy their historic tour. Jaisalmer houses a number of interesting destinations that make Jaisalmer a place worth touring around. It is well-known how Jaisalmer is called the “Golden City” because of its indefinite architecture made of yellow sandstone which has a glow effect all over the city. Jaisalmer is a city based on the core of Rajasthan, thus being very near to the Thar desert, giving it more calibre as a destination worth visiting. Jaisalmer is a place of culture and heritage that treasures in its bosom the history of Rajasthan and shares it with the world. Below lists the famous palaces in Jaisalmer for you to experience.

  1. Gorbandh Palace: The Gorbandh Palace was built by the royal family of Jaisalmer. The infrastructure of this palace talks about the rich and cultural heritage of the country and showcases the historical beauty of Jaisalmer through these modern times. The designs, the intricacy and the well-carved structures gives a thorough experience of the royal living. The Gorbandh Palace is transitioned into a hotel in the present time and it provides all the necessary experiences for visitors to enjoy while residing there. Staying in Gorbandh Palace opens a variety of knowledge that gives a peep back into the history displaying the time during the time of the Rajasthani rulers. Gorbandh Palace is an excellent destination for history aspirants and keen seekers to have a visit!
  2. Khaba Fort: If you are someone who is interested in the Thar Desert, Khaba Fort is one of the top tourist palace in Jaisalmer and is a destination that will take you to a real time experience of the same. The Khaba Fort is not a typical palace, it is rather a collective fort which holds in it the history of the Thar Desert. The Khaba Fort was a 14th century citadel and that’s how it got turned into a camp. The Khaba Fort gives a wide panorama of the landscape beneath it. Khaba Fort is currently a camp based resort that invites visitors to have a raw experience of the desert life and provides access to desert safaris, camel rides etc. The Khaba Fort is roughly a 30 minutes drive from Jaisalmer city. Although it doesn’t provide luxurious accommodation, the Khaba Fort gives an authentic experience to remember for a lifetime.
  3. Suryagarh Palace: The Suryagarh Palace is a heritage site turned hotel which has a keen outlook to the historical background of Jaisalmer. The Suryagarh Palace has a built-in architecture consisting of domes, well-carved balconies and intricate designs on it which paints the stories of Rajasthan’s historical visuals and is apparently turned into a state of art heritage hotel. It is meticulously restored for the visitors to enjoy the ambience in luxury and comfort, and live the life of the royals through it. Suryagarh Place is huge in accommodation and doesn’t leave any trace to provide the number one experience for the visitors for an unforgettable journey!
  4. Fort Rajwada: As well known is the history of Rajasthan, Fort Rajwada brings in the history with details in it. Fort Rajwada is heritage palace turned hotel designed in a way that symbolises the traditional Rajasthani royal lifestyle, which it provides the visitors with all the luxurious accommodation to make it as comfortable as possible to have a seamless experience. Their grand courtyard reflects the beauty of a royal living as well as the kind of buffet it provides truly gives the feel of the endeavour of living a regal life. Fort Rajwada has been standing tall since a long time, thus contributing to the excellence of catering the best memories.
  5. Jawahar Niwas Palace: Jawahar Niwas is an aesthetic beauty which is a perfect blend of history and heritage that represents the culture of Jaisalmer. The Rajasthani designs and the intricate details showcase the history of Rajasthan embedded in itself as it is a palace which celebrates the grandeur of royal endeavour. The opulence of Rajasthan can be experienced while living in the ornate facades of the place. Jawahar Palace contributes not only to the experience of a royal living but also makes you feel like one. The restored heritage site turned hotel preserves the charm of history and beauty. Jawahar Palace is situated in a central location and gives easy access along with unforgettable activities for the guests.
  6. Narayan Niwas Palace: Narayan Niwas Palace is truly one of a kind, as it can be very well considered as one of the most iconic palace designs in Jaisalmer. Visitors need to keep it in their bucket list as the grandeur of the palace can be felt through the detailed carvings and minute details which increases the royalty of the palace and maximises the aesthetics. Narayan Niwas Palace covers a huge area in acres, thus giving the royal experience of having a royal life. The palace serves with fun activities for guests to enjoy the Jaisalmer lifestyle throughout the trip. This palace is not just a hotel that provides comfort and luxury but also stands out in giving the best memories for lifetime.

The above list provides the information for some of the best tourist palace in Jaisalmer. From serving those opulent views to serving the royal experiences to the guests, these palaces stand out in all aspects. While Jaisalmer has so much to look around, these palaces are worth a visit. With the comfort and luxury it provides, it also gives the best experiences possible. And if you are wondering how to have a tour around these, cab services in Jaisalmer are available for you to have a comfortable ride. Well if your trip comes as a family trip or probably with a large group of friends and you are worrying about the ways to travel,  then the solution is right there, tempo services are available to help you reach your destination without the fear of missing out on your company or getting divided. Hence, the next time Rajasthan calls for you, Jaisalme is that one place that you shouldn’t miss. You deserve to have the best experience! See you soon. 



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