Famous Temples in Jodhpur

Famous Temples in Jodhpur

Famous Temples in Jodhpur

Jodhpur — Suncity, or the city of Sun God, is a place with religious sentiments. People in jodhpur are inclined towards their religion not just as a daily routine, but as a way of living. Their religious rites have become an important part of their lives. Their lifestyles revolve around these daily habits related to what is known as ‘paap’ and ‘punya’ in religious texts.

A major population in Jodhpur being that of Hindus, the city is adorned with several famous temples. Some of these buildings are rich in architect, built in ancient times. Whereas, some temples are just rocky walls and wooden planks. They might not look very beautiful to the eyes, but their true beauty lies in the devotees that come here every day to get a glimpse of their deity. These places reflect a unique vibe of positivity in the atmosphere, and the moment you step into the temple, you will feel the positivity running into your veins. 

Jodhpur is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. There are a lot of guides available for the famous tourist spots here. But only the locals can tell you about the most precious temples in the city. Since there is a lot of stuff to see and do, tourists prefer to hire a taxi service in Jodhpur for local traveling.

Famous Temples to visit in Jodhpur

For a spiritual divine holiday in trip in Jodhpur, here is a compiled list of all the magical temples you must visit in this city. It is the best to travel to these locations with a car rental in Jodhpur.

  1. Chamunda Mata Temple

This temple is one of the most visited temples in Jodhpur. It was constructed when Rao Jodha, the founder of Mehrangarh Fort carried the idol of goddess Chamunda Mata from its earlier location Mandore to the Fort. Chamunda Mata is believed to be the protector of Jodhpur. Hence, no mistakes are tolerated in this temple. Any mishappenings in the city are considered to be her anger and any goodness is considered her blessings.

  1. Ganesh Temple

One of the most famous tourism spots in Jodhpur, this temple can only be reached after climbing 150 steps of rocky stairs. Now with a very well renewed exterior constructed by the Tourism Department, this temple dates back to the early 1600s. It is believed that an idol of lord Ganesha emerged from the grounds at the top of a steep hill, and since then, it is worshipped by the locals with great devotion.

Achal Nath Temple

One of the most ancient temples in Jodhpur, dating back to 1500s, exhibits great architectural and cultural heritage. This temple is known to be the home of Lord Shiva. And the heaven for Shiva Devotees. In the temple, more than 50 Shivlings are worshipped every day. Every day, especially on every Friday, shiva devotees flock here to pray and get a glimpse of the evening prayer. The temple is inside the narrow city streets which is often crowded due to the number of daily visitors.

Santoshi Mata Temple

Believed to be the goddess of fertility and marital prosperity, Santoshi Mata is worshipped throughout the city. Every year, women in Jodhpur observe a fasting in the name of Santoshi Mata and pray for the long life of their husbands and for happy married lives. The temple is visited by women praying for life partners and for children in marriage. There is a tree nearby, which is observed as unchangeable over the years, on the trunk of which red threads are tried as a souvenir of their wishes.

  1. Siddhanath Temple

As per the legends among the localites, this temple was built by ‘Nepali Baba’, who had only four fingers in both of his hands and his feet. He was a devotee of lord Shiva. He built and carved this temple alone, with his own hands, without any help from anyone. The temple is built on a hilly secluded area, where he lived for several years until his last breath, chanting the name of Shiva and meditating for his majority of time. The temple is visited by a lot of Shiva Devotees in the area.

  1. Baba Ramdev Temple

One of the most famous temples in Jodhpur dedicated to Ramdev Pir Maharaj or Baba Ramdev. This place is believed to be the place where he took ‘Samadhi’. Every year, on Baba Ramdev Jayanti, devotees of Baba Ramdev arrive here by travelling miles, crossing states and cities, on foot to honour the saint and get his blessings for themselves and their families.

There are several other temples and sightseeing places in Jodhpur worth visiting. However, you will find some common elements in all temples of India related to religious and architectural prospects. Every temple will have some unique elements as well. What is interesting are the various legends and back stories related to these temples that the locals will tell you.

The fact that only the locals can tell you these stories, and you cannot find them on any other source such as google, etc. They are ancient anecdotes and legends passed on from generation to generations. The local newspapers have made several attempts to cover these stories, but none has surfaced on online platforms. A divine holiday in the city of Jodhpur will definitely give you an insight into the religious and traditional values of Jodhpur.


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