Temples Near Jodhpur – A Must Visit

Temples Near Jodhpur – A Must Visit

Temples Near Jodhpur - A Must Visit
December 18, 2020
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The Blue City of Jodhpur is one of the most popular tourist places in Jodhpur. Tourists who visit the city say that they find the blue walls inside the city very interesting and rather attractive. The city is not unique just for its hue, it is unique for the intense cultural experience that it offers.

The city has a lot to offer to its tourists. The people here follow a very traditional lifestyle. They all wear traditional clothes, such as dhoti and kurta for men, and Poshak or Ghaghra for women. They are very religious and spiritual. They live in joint families and eat the traditional food of Daal Baati, Sogra and Daal moth with traditional sweets such as Ghewar, Halwa and Choorma.

The people in Jodhpur are very religious, and it is a fact that every household has at least one person who visits the temple daily. Every street in jodhpur has at least one temple with a local God or deity and a crowd of people who worship them can always be found there.

If you are looking to explore the religion or religious places in India, Jodhpur is a good place to start. There are a lot of temples in and nearby Jodhpur which you can visit during your tour in Rajasthan. Some of these are very fascinating. You can hire a cab service in Jodhpur or a Taxi service in Jodhpur to visit these places one by one and get the most spirituality out of your tour in Rajasthan. Hiring a taxi in Jodhpur is easy and a lot of taxi services are available here in affordable prices.

Let us learn about a few of them:

  • Karni Mata Temple or Deshnok Temple

This very unique temple is located in Deshnok, a small village near Bikaner. This temple is a focal point for tourists due to the fact that there are millions of rats in this temple. They live here and they are fed by the worshippers as messengers of the deity. Killing a rat is a crime here.

  • Ranakpur Temples

Ranakpur is full of Dilwara Jain Temples which are rich in their architecture. The walls are carved intricately with images of Lord Buddha and his devotees showing various activities that were followed in routine by the devotees of Buddha. There are various scriptures with Buddha’s quotes on the walls of temples.

  • Pushkar Temples

Pushkar is a place of religion. People from all over India visit Pushkar as a pilgrimage and spend time within the spirituality inside the temples and on the ghats of Pushkar. Pushkar Ghats also famous for Pushkar Mela when they are crowded with devotees who worship Brahma, Vishnu and Maa Durga whose temples are plenty in the city.

  • Ramdev Temple

Ramdev Temple in Jodhpur is famous among the devotees of Ram sa Pir who was a saint that took samadhi in this location. Devotees arrive here by walking miles on foot bare feet, each year during the Ramdev Jayanti to pay their respect to the saint and ask for their safety and blessings from him.

  • Chamunda Mata Temple

The Chamunda Mata Temple is visited on the highest peak in Jodhpur, on top of the Mehrangarh Fort. It is believed that she is the protector of Jodhpur and any mishaps in her prayer procedures will bring bad luck or tragedies in Jodhpur. People visit this temple in crowds every year during the Navratri week.


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