Top 10 Safaris in Rajasthan

Top 10 Safaris in Rajasthan

Top 10 Safaris In Rajasthan
September 16, 2021
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Rajasthan, India’s largest state, is widely known for its glorious and valorous past. Once called the “The Land of Rajputs,” “Land of Kings,” and “Rajputana,” it is now famous for its cultural and historical sites. Every corner of Rajasthan is filled with pride and honor and tells a thousand tales of royalty and richness. It is famous as the “Desert Beauty” among tourists and travelers all around the globe. 

This place is majorly renowned for its authentic Indian food and culture. The simplicity and elegance can be seen everywhere in Rajasthan that will fill your heart with empathy and emotion. There are many places here in the state to explore and roam around, but the safaris are the must-do activities in the state. 

Apart from the various monuments and cultural sites, Rajasthan is full of adventure and fun activities. Rajasthan is one of those areas in the world where you can see mother nature in its raw form. From the rocky Aravali Mountain range to the sand dunes of Thar Desert, Rajasthan is no less than a paradise for nature enthusiasts. If you are planning to explore the magnificent glory, then keep reading this as we share the top places to visit in the state. 

Top 10 Safaris in Rajasthan

Camel Safari

It will not be fair if you travel to desert land and don’t experience the bumps of a Camel ride. Camel safari in Rajasthan is among the most enriching moments in the desert beauty. There are just two locations in India where you can get the opportunity to ride camels; one is Ladakh and another one in Rajasthan. 

Even in Rajasthan, two places that are well renowned for desert ships are Jaisalmer and Pushkar. There are numerous cultural festivals in the state where you can see and enjoy the camels in their authentic Rajasthani dress, which will undoubtedly be a pleasant sight for the eyes. 

Desert Safari 

Rajasthan is the synonym for desert. The largest state is widely covered with sand dunes that shine like glitter in the scorching heat of the sun. Just like the camel safari, you can relish the beauty of the desert in Jaisalmer. It is majorly covered with sand and serves as the perfect place to play in the sand. 

If you are planning a journey to see the rough site of a bustling town, then desert safari Jaisalmer will be the ideal choice. 

Jeep Safari 

A 4×4 is all you need to travel across the national parks and forests of Rajasthan. With a jeep safari, you can see flora and fauna precisely and closely. See the ecstatic site of our national animal, Tiger, with his fellow mates like Rhinos and desert Fox. There is a choice between the government jeep or hiring your own. It is also a preferable vehicle when you are visiting a sanctuary or a national park because there might be some carnivorous animals, and to get away from them quickly; you need a good machine. 

Desert Camp Safari 

Another most popular safari among tourists is the Jaisalmer desert camp. Desert camping is one of the most pleasant moments of your lifetime. These safaris are available both day and night, and you can choose as per your choice. Tourists prefer camping in Jaisalmer during the night. 

The sight of the vast sand areas with the mesmerizing view of stars meeting the desert at the horizon will seize the moment, and you will always ask for more. These camps are packed with all the amenities of your hotel room, a bed, tv, attached bathroom, etc. 

Bishnoi Village Safari 

Bishnoi people are the oldest community of Rajasthan. These people are well-versed in all the ancient traditions and rituals. They pass their knowledge and wisdom to their future generations so that they keep the legacy of their community alive. With the Bishnoi village safari, you get the chance to meet the authentic Rajasthani people who wear heavy jewelry and speak the raw Rajasthani language. Here you see the rural site of India where you cook with them, live with them, and understand their culture more closely. 

Wildlife Safari 

Rajasthan is the home to the fauna of various species. There are plenty of national parks and sanctuaries which serve as the best tourist sites in India. Keoladeo National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Bandh Baretha Wildlife Sanctuary, etc., are some of the best places to roam in Rajasthan. From, Tigers to Foxes to Rhinos and beautiful birds, everything about animals and Birds will make your visit memorable. If you like nature, then a wildlife safari is a must-do.

Elephant Safari 

If you feel like exploring something unique and excellent for children and adults, then an elephant safari will be your best bet. The elephant, one of the calmest and polite animals, also serves as your guide in the countryside tour in the state. If you are a couple traveling to spend some memorable moments, an elephant safari will be a great choice as most parks allow two individuals per elephant. 

Due to its gigantic size, every other carnivorous animal is afraid of elephants and makes it feasible for you to ride an elephant for a wildlife tour to see tigers closely. 

Horse Safari

Just like every other animal, horses have a significant part to play in the journey of exploration. Rajasthan is the place of Rajas and royalty, and horses are a substantial part of their lifestyle. You can do various activities with horses in Rajasthan like Castle seeing with a horse, rural Rajasthan visit on a horse, etc. Pushkar, Nagaur, and Jodhpur are the best places in the state to enjoy time with one of the fastest animals. You get the ease of trotting upon rocks, sand, and the castle. Riding a horse in Rajasthan is undoubtedly a royal delight. 

Boat Safari

Despite being titled as an arid state, Rajasthan is still known as one of the best places for a boat ride. Udaipur, the “City of Lakes,” has beautiful water bodies to appreciate the magnificent sight. Lake Pichola, the most beautiful man-made lake, is a must-visit site for a boat ride. Every year, many tourists visit Udaipur only for two things: its royal hospitality and another is its lakes. If you’re among those who admire all-natural surroundings, then lakes in Rajasthan will catch your attention. 

Night Safari

Looking for something uncommon yet satisfying, then a night safari in Rajasthan will be the best choice. Night safari includes various historical site visits, camping in the desert, and sky watching. If you are tired of watching everything in the sun, then it’s time to watch them with the moon. Night safari is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable parts of your Rajasthan tour. The shine of marble will become more glittering in the white moonlight that enhances the beauty several times. 

As you can see, Rajasthan, despite being harsh and rough, offers excellent sites to visit and explore. If you also want to travel to the royal beauty of India, then a car rental in Rajasthan will be your perfect companion because of its excessive heat and climate. You can hire a taxi in Rajasthan to get the best travel experience.  


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