Top Temples of khajuraho temple by JCRCab

Top Temples of khajuraho temple by JCRCab

Khajuraho Temple
January 8, 2023
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Information about Temples of Khajuraho

Khajuraho Temple

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The Khajuraho Group of Monuments in India is a group of Hindu temples and Jain temples. They are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kandariya Mahadev

The Kandariya Mahadev Temple is a medieval Hindu temple located in the town of Khajuraho in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the largest and most ornate Hindu temples in the Khajuraho complex.

The temple was built during the Chandela rule, which was a Rajput dynasty. Their capital was Khajuraho. They were ruled by Vidyadhara, a successor to King Ganda. He devoted the temple to his family deity, Lord Shiva.

The main hall has the prime deity of Lord Siva, in the form of a linga. The Shiva Linga is made of marble. Other features of the temple include a spire, an assembly of towers, and a pyramidal porch. This temple is also known for its elaborate carvings.

In the temple, there are 84 miniature spires surrounding the main spire. There are more than 900 stone carvings, and a total of 646 statues. Many of the statues depict people in different walks of life.

The main pillars of the temple have carvings that depict the pursuits of life. There is also an open air auditorium on the temple grounds.

UNESCO’s Western Temples at Khajuraho – A Walking Tour

Khajuraho is a small town in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is home to several UNESCO-listed temples and monuments, including the Kamasutra Temples. The ancient structures were built in the 11th and 13th centuries.

The western group of Khajuraho temples includes the Varaha, Matangeswara, and Nandi temples. These are the most famous and well-preserved temples in the city. There is also a smaller temple, the Devi Jagdambi, which is dedicated to a nymph.

There are 22 original temples in Khajuraho, split into three main groups. The Eastern Group of Temples, for instance, contains Jain temples from the Chandela period.

Parsvanath Temple

The Parsvanath Temple in Khajuraho is a Jain temple. It is located in the Bundelkhand region of India. This temple is one of the largest Jain temples in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The Jain temple at Khajuraho was built in the mid-10th century. It has beautiful carvings and sculptures. Some of the highlights of this temple include intricately carved ceiling pendants, a large sanctum sanctum, and a ten-armed Chakreshvari.

The walls of this temple have images of elephants, nymphs, and other Hindu deities. There are also some Vaishnavite themes.

The main shrine has a black marble image of the Parsvanath. This image was installed in the sanctum in 1860. Before 1860, the image of Adinath was used as the main deity.

The temple is also noted for its intricately carved walls. The walls portray images of elephants and sea nymphs.

Another interesting aspect of the temple is the entrance porch. The pillars and columns are decorated with intricately carved ceiling pendants.

Chaturbhuj Temple

Chaturbhuj Temples Khajuraho are located in the south of the city of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. These temples were built during the reign of the Chandela dynasty. They are the largest surviving Vaishnava group. The kings of the Chandela dynasty were also known as Chandravarman.

Most of these temples are made of sandstone. They are based on a grid geometrical design. They stand on a high platform against the backdrop of the Lavanya hills.

The temples are divided into three divisions: the Eastern Group, the Southern Group and the Western Group. Their architectural structure is derived from the cardinality and myths, as well as from mathematical principles.

In addition to the sanctum, there is a mandapa. A large image of Lord Vishnu is located within the sanctum. Besides the sanctum, the temple has beautiful carvings

Chaturbhuj Temple

Famous Temple Near khajuraho

Javari temple

There are over a dozen temples to visit in Khajuraho. These include Devi Jagdamba, Duladeo, Lakshmana, Vamana, Bijamandala, and Chitragupta. While each has its own unique qualities, most share a common theme. In fact, the majority of arts depict everyday life, mythological stories, and other secular Hindu values.

Devi Jagdamba temple

The Devi Jagdamba temple in Khajuraho is one of the most ancient and prestigious of its kind. Built in the early 11th century, it is considered to be the quintessential Hindu temple. It is amongst a group of twenty five shrines and sanctuaries built by the emperors of the Chandela dynasty. Among the buildings, the Devi Jagdamba temple trumps all others when it comes to craftsmanship.

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